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Cherry blossoms in Kyoto – Let’s study in Kyoto!-

April is the month when the warm sunshine invites the flowers and plants to bloom and the animals and insects to start moving. Cherry blossoms, one of Japan’s most popular flowers, are also in full bloom from west to east, signaling the arrival of spring. The cherry blossom season is also characterized by warm days but cool nights.

The cherry blossom is a Japanese “national flower”.

In particular, the Somei Yoshino variety is grown in many parts of Japan and is very popular with many people. The cherry blossoms, which bloom all at once and fall in short bursts, have long been the subject of poetry and song. There are many famous cherry blossom viewing spots all over Japan.

There are many places to see cherry blossoms in Kyoto.

You can enjoy cherry blossoms at temples and shrines as well as in parks and many other places. There are three types of cherry trees that represent Kyoto: weeping cherry, Someiyoshino and Benishidare. These three types of cherry trees are also known as the ‘three great cherry trees of Kyoto’. It is said that the cherry trees bloom in the order of weeping cherry, Someiyoshino and Benishidare.

Here are some of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Kyoto.

Ninna-ji Temple

The temple has been a place of great prestige since the Heian period (794-1185). The temple is famous for its beautiful late blooming Omuro cherry blossoms, and the courtly halls that stand in the midst of the flowers create an elegant atmosphere.

Maruyama Park

There is a famous cherry blossom called “Gion no Yozakura” in the centre of Maruyama Park. Its official name is Hitoeshiro Higan Shidare Zakura (single-layered white Higan weeping cherry tree). The tree is now in its second generation and is over 90 years old.

Tetsugaku-no-michi(Philosopher's Walk)

Tetsugaku-no-michi is a path of about 2km along the Sosui Branch Line. It is a romantic tunnel of cherry blossoms. About 500 cherry trees, including Someiyoshino, along the path form a tunnel, and you can enjoy walking while looking up at the flowers.

There are many other famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto, including Enkoji Temple, Daigoji Temple, Kodaiji Temple, Chion-in Temple and Nijo Castle.

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Kyoto, popular for its cherry blossoms, was the capital of Japan for over 1000 years and the city has retained much of its cultural heritage, which has been passed down to the present day. Kyoto is a great place for international students to learn and experience Japanese culture and history in their daily lives.
Kyoto offers a wide range of opportunities for study, from cutting-edge, Nobel Prize-winning research to animation and Zen. Universities in Kyoto offer a unique curriculum and a wide range of courses so you will find a study abroad experience in Kyoto that suits you.

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