Getting a job

ISI will strongly support your job-hunting in Japan with our know-how and strong connections with companies that want to hire international students.

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At ISI Japanese Language School, your class teacher who knows you best will be in charge of your job hunting support. All ISI Japanese language teachers have completed ISI’s original career guidance training, and there is a career center consisting of specialists at the headquarters. The entire group is ready to support you in “realizing your dreams”.

Get a job in Japan!


Enrichment of employment-focused programs and courses

Programs and courses are offered to meet the employment needs of students, such as the Specified Skilled Workers' Employment Support Program at the Nagano School, the Evening Course and Japanese Career Course at the Harajuku School (scheduled for April 2022), and individual lessons focused on specific purposes.


Elective classes to learn job-hunting know-how through practical learning

We offer an elective class on "Employment" for Intermediate III and above students. Students can learn the basics of job hunting such as how to write a resume, practice interviews, and improve presentation skills.


Full support by professional instructors with accumulated know-how

We provide full support both in and out of the classroom, including how to manage your job hunting schedule, how to find job offers, job hunting events and special job hunting courses, recruitment briefings, suit seminars, and information sessions on visas.


Abundant employment / job information and corporate collaboration

Internship information from companies and the latest information on job openings can be viewed 24 hours a day on the school portal site. We are also strengthening our ties with companies that are actively recruiting international students, providing students with the best employment information.