Aiming to obtain a “qualification and high score”

Our experienced teachers will provide detailed support to help you obtain high scores on qualifications and exams necessary for higher education and employment.

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ISI Japanese Language School provides classes and support for students who want to pass or get high scores on examinations that are essential for employment and higher education. We also offer a special program for students who wish to work in Japan to obtain a Specified Skilled Worker (i) visa status.

Let's aim to get qualification and high score at ISI Japanese Language School!


Classes taught by experienced teachers

We offer classes taught by experienced Japanese language instructors who have led many international students to pass certification exams and obtain high scores. With our experience and know-how, we will support you in achieving your dreams.


Elective classes that focus on JLPT and EJU

We offer elective classes of "JLPT Test Preparation" and "EJU Test Preparation" for students of Intermediate II and above. Students can prepare for the JLPT and EJU Japanese language examinations and aim for a high score.


Class content suitable for J.TEST and BJT preparation

We offer classes suitable for preparation for the J.TEST and BJT (Harajuku School only) exams. We will help you achieve your goals with classes that focus on the key points.


Proven effectiveness and track record in obtaining qualifications and high scores

Students at ISI Japanese Language School have achieved results that greatly exceed the national pass rate (average score) in J.TEST, JLPT, and EJU. In addition, the Nagano School, which offers the Specified Skilled Workers' Employment Support Program, provides support for passing certification tests.