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For those who want to improve their conversational skills, ISI Japanese Language School offers many opportunities to improve your conversational skills through role-plays, debates, and fieldwork. Let's learn more natural Japanese conversation together.

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ISI Japanese Language School provides many opportunities for those who want to focus on learning Japanese conversation skills. You can learn more natural and smooth Japanese conversation using a variety of everyday situations and topics. By assuming a variety of situations, the course aims to help students acquire natural conversational skills to respond flexibly.

Let's learn conversation at ISI Japanese language school!


ISI's unique curriculum with many opportunities for speech from beginner level

By using ISI's original teaching materials, you will be able to improve your conversation skills from the early stage of beginner level.


Elective classes to develop conversation skills through familiar topics and situations

At the intermediate level and above, there are elective classes where students can focus on conversation. This is popular among students who want to improve their natural Japanese conversation skills.


Short-term intensive! Develop your conversation skills with special seasonal courses.

Seasonal courses that focus on experiencing various aspects of Japanese culture in Japanese will allow you to output the Japanese you have learned and improve your conversation skills.


Small class sizes and a curriculum that makes it easy for students to make progress

This short term original course, available only at the Kyoto school, uses the CAN DO method of textbooks, which says, "You will be able to do ~". The class size is small (up to 15 students) with an emphasis on conversation, so there are many opportunities to speak.


Experienced teachers with a wealth of teaching know-how

Experienced Japanese language instructors provide precise and easy-to-understand lessons. Using a variety of everyday situations and topics as topics, we aim to help you acquire Japanese conversation skills tailored to the situation. Let's improve your Japanese conversation skills efficiently in a fun atmosphere.


Improve your dialogue and conversation skills through international exchange activities.

International exchange events with Japanese students from ISI group schools are held on a regular basis. It is a popular event where students can freely interact with each other on a variety of themes, and it is a good opportunity for students to output their dialogue and conversation skills.