[BEYOND LEARNING] Leading Japanese Language School



Six features ISI is proud of


Improve Japanese language skills
with ISI's unique education system

ISI provides detailed curriculum to meet your purpose and level. Classes are taught by qualified Japanese language teachers, who provide high quality education on a daily basis. You can aim for a high score in the examinations.


Practice your Japanese
with extracurricular activities

Each school regularly organises extra-curricular activities for cultural exchange and experience, allowing students to learn Japanese outside of class hours by interacting with students from other ISI Group schools and prospective Japanese high school students.


Full support for peace of mind
from enrollment to graduation

We have a support system from the time of admission to the time of graduation, including homeroom teachers and career advisors assist students in finding further education and employment.


Highly rated and Certified
by external organizations

We have a high level of satisfaction after enrollment. The school has received awards from international accreditation bodies and is highly regarded both within and outside the schools. We also have an excellent record of success in gaining entry to a variety of prestigious universities.


Improving learning effectiveness
with latest facilities/equipment

Each school is equipped with a study room, library, student lounge, cafe, Japanese room, prayer room, and free WiFi. We also offer accommodation affiliated with ISI, where you can enjoy a fulfilling student life outside of class hours.


Learn to be diverse
in a global learning environment

Students at ISI come from many different countries. You will have a chance to learn Japanese language as well as experience multinational cultures and values that are different from your own country and Japan.


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