Support – Going to Higher Education in Japan

At ISI, our teachers bring a lot of passion when it comes to counseling the students about their career or academic plans; we count on our extensive experience and large amount of information gathered throughout the years so the students can fulfill their wishes to go to a top university or famous postgraduate school and step up for the next stage in Japan.

Past Placement Records

[ Guidance details ]

  1. Guidance for new students: explanation on how to prepare for the entrance examination and the timeline until they become accepted at their respective schools.
  2. Four times a year, a personal counseling session is held between student and teacher. Counseling sessions are held as many times as needed until the student’s placement has been decided.
  3. We prepare individual advanced education guidance based on career consultation (individual chart) and based on the test results, EJU measures, individual strengths, etc. so students can pass the entrance examination of their aspiring school.
  4. Each school admission’s criteria and process, entrance examination’s date and content, tuition information and much more is put together so the student can check them at anytime.
  5. Colleges and Universities open campus information is posted so the students can take a look at them at anytime.
  6. We teach the students how to gather information about each school and how to read each school’s admission guidelines.
  7. We plan, organize and take students to higher education for international students fairs.
  8. We organize school visits.
  9. We organize in-school Colleges and Universities information sessions.
  10. We will help the student find a suitable school or a specific research lab.
  11. We will also help the students fill out their application forms, research plan, and their objectives for study as well as for their interview if needed.
  12. We will also help the students with their matriculation process after they have been accepted.

Every year, we invite admission counselors from universities, postgraduate schools and colleges to talk to the students about applying to their schools.

Also, vocational schools from different fields hold simulated lessons at the schools so you can experience the classes before applying.

Schools that have participated in the past (Universities & Postgraduate schools)

Tohoku University, Waseda University, Meiji University, Rikkyo University, Chuo University, Hosei University, Senshu University, Toyo University, Meiji Gakuin University, Teikyo University, Tokyo Denki University, Tokai University, Asia University, J. F. Oberlin University, Showa Women’s University, Yokohama College of Art & Design, Musashino University, Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Daito Bunka University, Reitaku University etc.

Schools that have participated in the past (Colleges)

Tokyo Business and Language College, Nagano Language College, Tokyo Designers Gakuin College, Tokyo Kogakuin College,Tokyo TamaChori Seika College, Tokyo Koka College, ESP Musical Academy, Toho Gakuen College, Japan Electronics College, Tokyo Design College, etc. We usually get 10 to 20 schools per year.

At ISI, we have many agreements of admission by recommendation with several Universities, Postgraduate Schools and Colleges.
Students with outstanding grades, attendance rates and class attitude can use the Admission by Designated School Recommendation and get an advantage in their admissions and sometimes a discount on their tuition.

Schools that have participated in the “Designated School Recommendation system ” in the past.
*All schools within the ISI Group

  • Teikyo University
  • Daiichi Institute of Technology
  • Chukyo Gakuin University
  • Keisen University
  • Kyoei University
  • Japan University of Economics
  • Tsukuba Gakuen University
  • Aichi Sangyo University
  • Nagoya University of Economics
  • Gifu University of Economics
  • Nakanihon Automotive College
  • Kobe University of Welfare
  • Tokyo Business and Language College
  • Nagano Business and Language College
  • Tokyo Eiyo Shokuryo College
  • Tokyo Eiyo Shokuryo College
  • Tokyo Technical College
  • Tokyo Kouka Jidosha College
  • Tokyo Koka College
  • Nihon Riko-Jyoho Institute of Science and Engineering
  • Nihon Computer College
  • Nihon Kogakuin College
  • Nihon Kogakuin Hachioji College・Nihon Koagkuin Hokkaido
  • Hospitality Tourism College
  • Tokyo Bridal College
  • Trydent College, Kamei College
  • Nihon Riko Jouhou College
  • Koyama Gakuen Tokyo Technical College
  • Shunrin College of Foreign Language
  • Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry
  • Fukuda Gakuen Osaka College of Technology