Private Course

  • You can choose what to learn depending on your purpose, and you can arrange freely the dates, times and number of lessons.
  • Before starting the lessons, we will make detailed arrangements regarding textbooks, lesson times, etc. to respond to the applicant’s requests.
  • We offer wide support, from reviewing already acquired knowledge to learning business Japanese.
  • If your level of Japanese is the same as your friends’, you can learn with them too. Please, contact us for further information.
  • Would like to study according to their own circumstances and pace.
  • Want to study alone or with 1, 2 or a few friends.
  • Would like to learn and focus on what they are interested.
  • Wish to prepare for countermeasures, exams, etc.
  • Can’t study on their own or want to intensively strengthen weak points.
  • Lessons structure according to the needs of the learners.
  • You can freely change the contents of the lessons if there are contents that you don’t understand or if you want to practice conversation, for example.
  • For business Japanese, more than using textbooks, interviews and telephone practices, among others, will be conducted.

※We will arrange for your request upon application. Please, contact us for further information.

One lesson = 45 minutes
Depending on the course content the teaching materials will differ. The cost of the material will be charged separately.

  • Price per person and lesson. Does not include teaching materials cost.
  • If you are taking other courses with ISI, you will receive a 10% discount on tuition fees.