Specified Skilled Workers’ Employment Support Program

This is a special program limited to Nagano Campus. (Starts in October 2020) This program provides close support to all the students who want to work in Japan, and also provides careful support from learning Japanese to pass the Specified Skills Evaluation Test and finding a job. (Enrollment period: April / October)

What is Specified Skilled Worker Visa ?

  1. A new status of residence established in April 2019, which are “Specified Skilled Worker Visa No.1” and “Specified Skilled Worker Visa”. This program aims to obtain the Visa No.1.
  2. To obtain the status of residence for Specified Skilled Worker Visa, students will be required to pass both 2 tests, Specified Skills Evaluation Test for each industries and Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N4 or above)
  3. Specified Skilled Worker Visa No.1 holders are allowed to work in Japan for the maximum of 5 years, and you can also receive the same standard of compensation and benefits as Japanese.
    ※Available in the following industries (• Food Service Industry, • Building Cleaning Management,  • Manufacture of Food and Beverages etc.)

ONLY Nagano Campus!
6 Features of Specified Skilled Workers’ Employment Support Program

Feature ①
Intensive Class

In March and September, Intensive Class will assist you to get ready for the Specified Skills Evaluation Test during the five days of the school's long holiday period. This class aims for you to pass the exam and cover the topics which are related to the past exams.

Feature ②

You can prepare for the Specified Skills Evaluation Test by using the well organized materials as much as you want. This helps you to practice the paper exam, and practical exam as well.
※ However, if you take e-Learning only, the intensive class is not included.

Feature ③
Employment Guidance

Once a month, we offer free guidance to all students for the purpose of strengthening overall employment, such as business etiquette in Japan, how to write a resume, interview guidance and application support for the Specified Skills Evaluation Test.

Feature ④

This program provides opportunities to get paid Internships at Japanese companies over the summer and winter holidays. The opportunity will be offered at a wide variety of industries, such as hotels, tourism, restaurants, etc. that are centered on the Koshinetsu and Kanto regions.

Feature ⑤
Employment Support

Achieving a 98% job placement rate, Nagano Campus Career Center assists you until you get a job through individual career counseling. Even after getting a job, you still can get various support from the organization and have chance to ask for advice if you face problems at work or about living in Japan.

Feature ⑥
Visa Acquisition Support

This program also supports students necessary procedures for changing visa status from a Student Visa to a Specified Skilled Worker Visa, such as preparation of documents necessary for application and guidance for filling in application documents, until completion of visa acquisition.

JLPT N4 holders can skip the Intensive Class!

60,000 JPY

Including Features ① to ⑥
① Intensive Class
② e-Learning
③ Employment Guidance
④ Internship
⑤ Employment Support
⑥ Visa Acquisition Support

30,000 JPY

JLPT N4 or above holders can start from the e-Learning class.
Including Features ② to ⑥
② e-Learning
③ Employment Guidance
④ Internship
⑤ Employment Support
⑥ Visa Acquisition Support

*The Program Fee will be charged separately after enrollment.


October Enrollment (1,5 year)
October Enrollment Start learning Japanese language
Next July JLPT N4 Examination
August Summer Internship
September Intensive Class for Specified Skills Evaluation Test
October Employment Guidance
Specified Skills Evaluation Test
December JLPT Examination (2nd Trial)
Winter Internship
March Graduation / Start Working
April Enrollment (2 year)
April Enrollment Start learning Japanese language
December JLPT N4 Examination
Next March Intensive Class for Specified Skills Evaluation Test
April Employment Guidance/Support
Specified Skills Evaluation Test
July JLPT Examination (2nd Trial)
August Summer Internship
December JLPT Examination (3rd Trial)
Winter Internship
Next March Graduation / Start Working
STEP1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (December) *Required
JLPT N4 or above is required. The successful students will get a job introduction.
STEP2 Job Introduction / Consultation
Career Advisors will conduct the Provide Career Counseling and we will share the goal with you.
STEP3 This Program will help you with the strategy and preparation for Specified Skills Evaluation Test.
STEP4 Specified Skills Evaluation Test  (Mid-February) *Required
The successful applicant (the result is announced in mid-March) can apply for the Specified Skilled Worker Visa No. 1. We will assist you until you get a Visa.
※You may need to return back to you home country temporarily depending on the application period and circumstances.
STEP5 Start Working
① Specified Skills Evaluation Test ② JLPT N4 or above
To Start working, you are required to pass both 2 tests.

* If you can not pass both Specified Skills Evaluation Test and JLPT N4, you will be consulted and given advice about your future path and career.
* The examination fees should be paid by the students.
* The beginning date for the Employment Support could vary from person to person.

* The visa application requirements and procedure could be changed by the Immigration Bureau.
* This Specified Skilled Workers’ Employment Support Program does not guarantee to get a Specified Skilled Worker Visa.
* Students can not always get a Specified Skilled Worker Visa due to the arrangements including bilateral agreements or its related laws between Japanese government and the government of your country’s.

Prospective Employer
59 Companies
※ The record of 2020(Japanese academic year of 2019)

Job Placement Rate
※ The successful rate of all the job seekers. The record of 2020.(Japanese academic year of 2019)

Hotel, Japanese Style Inn (Ryokan), Tourism Hosoya Industry Co., Ltd. Asakusa Hotel / KPG HOTEL&RESORT[ FUFU KAWAGUCHIKO ] / PRINCE HOTELS, INC. etc. 16 companies
Human Resource Service International Management Support Cooperative / Japan Human Support Cooperative /KJ International etc. 13 companies
Retail / Sales Suzuki Nagano / PH PARIS JAPON / Atelier de Fromage  etc. 9 companies
Manufacturing/ Logistics Flex Japan,Inc. / Shin-Etsu Seimitsu Co., Ltd. / AIR WATER MACH INC. etc. 8 companies
Restaurant Business FOOD GALLERY Co., Ltd. / Shiosai Foods / Mack’s Foods Japan etc.  4 companies
Building-Cleaning Business Kyouritsu echo, Inc.
Others 8 companies in 6 industries

Nagano Business and Language College
3-5-18 Chuo, Ueda-city, Nagano

Nagano Campus is located in Ueda, where the Winter Olympics in 1998 took place due to its rich natural resources, and it’s just 1 hour and 30 minutes away by shinkansen from Tokyo. Ueda has been known as an industrial city in Japan so, compared to bigger cities like Tokyo and Osaka, is cheaper and the beautiful scenery makes it the best environment for studying. Ski resorts are 1 hour away by car so many students take the chance to ski and learn Japanese during Winter.

  • We have student house accommodation within walking distance to Nagano Campus so that students can focus on the Specified Skilled Workers’ Employment Support Program.
  • Each room is fully equipped with air conditioner, refrigerator and Internet. Also there are study rooms in the common space. You can have a comfortable student life.
  • The house manager also stays at the school accommodation and security cameras are always available for the residents’ safety. There are a lot of students from over the world that you can have a chance to experience exchanging culture in this international environment.