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We greatly value career counseling at ISI, and consequently established the ISI Career Center at our Headquarters and stationed career advisors, professionals in career counseling, on each Campus. From the time you enter school until the moment you graduate, your homeroom teacher and career advisors will make sure you receive the career counseling you need.

  1. The original ISI Career Planning Handbook provided on entering school
    All students enrolled in the Long-Term Course will be provided with the original ISI Career Planning Handbook(ISI Career book) at no cost, which is abundant with years of career support know-how. This handbook includes a calendar you can use for 2 years upon entering school; an ‘entrance exam scheduler’, an ‘overview of the entrance exams of Japan’ and ‘instructions on how to write college application papers’ for students planning to apply for higher education; a ‘job search scheduler’, an ‘industry, company and profession research organizer’, ‘instructions on how to write job application papers’, ‘interview and written exam tips’ and ‘basic business manners’ for students planning to find employment.
  2. Career guidance
    After entering school, career guidance is given in multiple languages. Career advisors will discuss relevant strategies on how you would prepare for your career according to what kind of schedule until graduation.
  3. Individual counseling with your homeroom teacher and career advisor
    In addition to regular counseling, you may also request career counseling at any other time. Please feel free to discuss questions or worries relating to your career (by appointment).