Support – Finding Job in Japan

In recent years, there is an increasing number of students aiming for employment in Japan after graduation from a Japanese language school. ISI holds regularly employment guidance and corporate briefing sessions on campus so students can become “good professionals and citizens” in the future. We also provide opportunities for internships in cooperation with companies to lead them to recruitment.

Guidance contents

  1. We inform students about the latest employment information and posted job offers so they can check them at any time.
  2. We provide employment guidance regularly where we would explain the schedule and the attitude towards job hunting in Japan.
  3. In case of individual counselling, we create individual charts and share educational background, work experience and skills obtained at the student’s home country and the desired job category with counselors.
  4. In addition to self-analysis and self-understanding, we also teach business manners, how to write entry sheets and resumes, and guide the students on interviewing in and out of class.
  5. We conduct business and industry research and company briefing sessions at school.
  6. Applicants can participate in local volunteer recruitment and direct recruitment internships by companies.
  7. Individual guidance will be carried out personally through a reservation system at recruitment centers.

Corporate briefing sessions will be held regularly by ISI

In ISI, homeroom teachers in cooperation with employment centers support each student while job hunting in Japan so that they can become a “good professional and citizen” in the future.

At on campus companies briefing sessions students will not only learn what Japanese companies really expect from their employees or how to concrete their job finding plans but they can also get advice on how to create appealing applications that could lead them to recruitment.

For those who wish to work in Japan and contribute to the international community, ISI will be more than happy to give advice on what to do now to achieve that purpose.

High job offer rate thanks to tie-ups with companies

Nowadays, “direct recruitment” has increased, which means companies are making more direct approaches to global human resources and applicants with specialized skills, becoming an immediate fighting force.

Thanks to ISI’s accurate responses to companies job offers, we have achieved a high rate of successful results. In some cases, ties-up with companies have also offered ISI applicants chances to be hired as “future executive candidates”.

In addition, as a unique initiative, after acquiring various jobs with a paid internship called “recruitment internship”, we can draw a variety of career plans. We periodically offer opportunities for a wide range of “practical training” such as company briefing sessions, workshops, work place tours, vocational experiences, etc. so that students can have many options. Advice on finding job in various industries and business conditions will be given according to the strengths and skills of each international student.

ISI Group has been expanding its tie-ups with business partners in industries like ICT, consulting, consumer goods wholesale, real estate, etc., benefiting both students and the group by providing employment support.