Job Search Support

There are various reasons for students wanting to work. There are those who wish to gain experience to carry back to their home country, or just want a job. There are those seeking work experience in Japan, some are interested in a service related job or some may be interested in manufacturing.

  1. Various job search events
    In addition to in-school career guidance, career advisors also lead students to external recruiting events. During these events, you will have chances to talk directly with company employees.
  2. Information sessions hosted by individual companies
    Many companies visit ISI and host information sessions. Current employees from the company give detailed explanations regarding the characteristics of work, desired traits of employees, etc. Many companies follow up with recruiting interviews after information sessions and many students are offered jobs each year.
  3. Advice from previous ISI students working in Japan
    There are opportunities to meet distinguished ISI alumni and learn about their personal experiences on how they are currently working in Japan, how they tackled their job search, what kind of job they have right now and more.
  4. Special Job Finding Class
    Special prep classes for job seeking students, in addition to normal classes, are offered one by one over the course of students’ job search. Topics include ‘how to get a job in Japan’, ‘how to interpret job postings’, ‘how to write application papers’, ‘preparing for interviews’, ‘how to contact companies via email or phone’ and ‘interview manners and tips’. Students who are eligible to participate will be given notice before each special preparatory class is hosted.
  5. Internship and Job information posts
    Internship and job information that arrives in ISI are posted within the school so that job seeking students who are interested may apply.

Dao Ngoc An
(Graduated from ISI Ikebukuro Campus / Working at Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., ltd.)

My dream is to bring the japanese “Omotenashi” culture to Vietnam.

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