Payment Methods

You can pay via bank remittance or Flywire. 
*Please pay the visa application fee at the time of submission.

Flywire is an international payment service for educational institutions that allows you to transfer money from your bank account or credit card to our bank account.

Please visit the Flywire website for the applied ISI Japanese Language School and create an account before making the payment. The website is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Japanese and Portuguese.

The payment link differs according to each school. Please visit the link below matching the school you applied to in order to make the payment:

Tokyo-Takadanobaba Campus:

・Tokyo-Ikebukuro Campus:

・Tokyo-Harajuku Campus:

・Kyoto Campus:

・Nagano Campus:

Please visit their website and contact their support center if you have any questions:

Flywire Homepage:
Flywire Support:

In case of bank remittance, a bank charge may be charged. Please note that all charges caused by bank remittance must be borne by the client.

Please pay each invoice by the due date stated in the invoice. If there is no prior notification and payment cannot be confirmed by the school by the due date, course will be automatically cancelled. Please contact us if remittance cannot be done by the invoice due date.

Please keep in mind the following when making a remittance:

  1. Please use the provided invoice when making the payment.
  2. Please make the money transfer with exactly the specified bank information (bank name, branch name, account number, account name, etc.) that appears on the invoice provided by us. If the information is incorrect at the time of the remittance, the payment will not be done, so please be careful.
  3. Please fill the student ID number and name that appear in the invoice in the message of payee statement/purpose of remittance section. (Example: 2019-12345 SMITH JOHN)
  4. The above information is important in order to identify the payer. If the payer is someone other than the applicant (agency, family member, etc.) we won’t be able to identify them and enrolment will be treated as unpaid and may cause delay in enrolment procedures, etc.
  5. Please contact the representative in charge upon remittance completion and send them the transaction proof. We recommend you keep it carefully so as not to lose it.
  6. Please contact your financial institution regarding the bank transfer procedure. We will not be held responsible for any losses or troubles due to mistransfer errors, etc. so please be careful.