Voice from Ali Sheikholesamy

Ali Sheikholesamy

Takadanobaba Campus Graduate
Fuller Inc.

Please tell us about an anecdote about your life at ISI that has left an impression.
Participating in the speech contest. It was a self-challenge and my Japanese skills improved remarkably so I will never forget it.
Did ISI teachers give you advice when you were looking for a job?
Of course. For example, they advised me on how to create a resume, proper vocabulary for interviews, etc.
Please tell us about your current job.
I’m working for the international business development department of an IT company and am responsible for global sales for said company. In the Business Development Department, selling and appealing the services and products offered by the company to the world.
What are the difficult aspects of your job?
The phone correspondence. The Japanese used to talk on the phone with customers is completely different from the words used in daily conversation or with colleagues, so I don’t have the courage to accept outside calls yet.