Voice from Mun Yonshu

Mun Yonshu

Takadanobaba Campus Graduate
Klab Inc.

Mr. Mun works for Klab Inc., the company that plans and produces the worldwide hit smartphone game “Love Live! School Idol Festival”. Mr. Mun enrolled in ISI in July 2011. Studying from hiragana, he went to a graduate school a year and a half later where he studied business and statistics. Now he is very busy everyday as a company employee.

How is work?
Very busy. But it is fulfilling every day.
Do you have any advice for students who want to find job in Japan?
I think it’s best have part-time job experience. Also, it’s best to study lots of Japanese, lol. There are people who think that after entering a vocational school or university their Japanese will naturally improve, but this is a big mistake. You cannot learn Japanese at vocational schools or universities. I think you will regret it after finding a job. I regret that I didn’t study more and played less when I was at the Japanese language school, too.
Do you have any difficulties now?
Honorific language, I was taught by my Japanese coworkers. The causative form is also difficult and making mistakes is troublesome. Foreigners are required to have high Japanese skills. People who can’t speak Japanese is thought of as useless.
What are your goals from now on?
My dream is to start a business. I want to create an IT-related company. I plan to stay in Japan for another 3 or 4 years, but if things go well, I’d like to stay longer.