Student Interview with Aline Tirado Najera

Aline Tirado Najera

From Mexico
AdvancedⅠ-2 / Kyoto Campus

Why did you decide to study in Japan?
Since I was a kid, I watched a lot of videos about Japanese culture. I was able to learn about other people's experiences from those videos, but I wanted to create my own experience.
Why did you choose ISI?
The reason why I chose ISI is because they not only teach us Japanese language but also support us in various fields such as university admission and job hunting in Japan.
What do you think was the best thing of enrolling in ISI?
At first I couldn't believe that I had enrolled in ISI. I thought, "Now I'm going to get to experience what I saw in the videos."
What did you work hard on with your teachers and classmates. in your job searching and college preparation?
Whenever I don't understand the Japanese language or work-related issues, I solve them with my teachers. My fellow students and I help each other when we have problems in our daily life, homework, and collecting information about job opportunities and vocational schools.
What was helpful in your job search/college preparation?
If you want to enter a Japanese university or find a job in Japan, you can consult with teachers and career center staff at school. The school will help you to achieve your goal.
What is your future dream?
My future dream is to live in Japan. I want to work in Japan, enter a vocational school and start a new life here.
What would you tell to those who want to study in ISI?
ISI is not only a great place to learn Japanese, but also to create a great experience. The teachers listen to you and help you if you need anything.