Information of ISI Summer Course

  • Two cities (Kyoto/Tokyo) to choose from
  • Very satisfying courses that will allow you to experience the Japanese summer in its entirety while learning Japanese
  • For those who want to learn Japanese thoroughly this summer, we offer JLPT Specialized Intensive Course(Only Tokyo) 

Why ISI Summer Course?

Kyoto Summer Course

1.Countless opportunities to experience true Japanese culture.

2.Make plans with other students that have similar interests!

3.Students world wide participate!

Tokyo Summer Course

1.Enjoy the exciting Sports Games!

2.Opportunities to interact with Japanese!

3.Study and hang out with students from all over the world !

4.Enjoy our newly built campus.

JLPT Specialized Intensive Course

1.Level up with ISI’s JLPT strategy, developed over many years.

2.Learn alongside students…with the same goals.

3.Have a blast at Tokyo DisneySea!


Kyoto Campus Tokyo-Takadanobaba Campus
Premium Course General Course
General Course JLPT Specialized Intensive Course


Course Duration Aspects of the Courses
Premium 7/12~8/6 A very fulfilling course that allows you to experience Kyoto all Summer long. All activities include in this course.
General 7/12~8/6 In this course, you can experience Japan’s culture while learning Japanese history and culture. Perfect course for you who want free time to visit around Kyoto by yourself!


Course Duration Aspects of the Courses
General 7/12~8/6 This is a course which will allow you to enjoy both your free time, Disney Sea and  the Sumo experience… in addition to Japanese school/company visits,  and Sports Public Viewing Day events are available!
JLPT Specialized Intensive 8/10~8/27 Recommended course for students aiming to pass JLPT N3, N2. This course focuses on linguistics (characters, vocabulary, and grammar), reading/listening skills, and practice with questions likely to be given in the actual test.