ISI Summer Program 2021

We deeply regret to inform its students that ISI Summer Program 2021, which was scheduled to start in July 2021, has been cancelled. We sincerely apologize to all those who have guided or scheduled the summer course and have been looking forward to it.
Other courses are available online or face-to-face. Please contact us for more details.



Kyoto Campus Tokyo-Harajuku Campus Tokyo-Takadanobaba Campus
Premium Course General Course JLPT Specialized Intensive Course
General Course


Course Duration Available Seats Aspects of the Courses
Premium 7/12~8/6 Canceled A very fulfilling course that allows you to experience Kyoto all Summer long. All activities include in this course.
General 7/12~8/6 Canceled In this course, you can experience Japan’s culture while learning Japanese history and culture. Perfect course for you who want free time to visit around Kyoto by yourself!


Course Duration Available Seats Aspects of the Courses
General 7/12~8/6 Canceled This is a course which will allow you to enjoy both your free time, Disney Sea and  the Sumo experience… in addition to Japanese school/company visits,  and Sports Public Viewing Day events are available!
JLPT Specialized Intensive 8/10~8/27 Canceled Recommended course for students aiming to pass JLPT N3, N2. This course focuses on linguistics (characters, vocabulary, and grammar), reading/listening skills, and practice with questions likely to be given in the actual test.


Kyoto, the most famous historic Japanese city and the ancient capital, has been
selected as one of the world’s top 3 cities to visit. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and several rivers, like Kamo River and Katsura River, that run through the city, which leads to different landscapes every season.

You can also visit many old historical sites such as temples and shrines while enjoying the Japanese traditional culture that emanates from those buildings. Besides the more than 1,000 years of history as the ancient capital, it is a famous student city due to its prestigious universities.

ISI Kyoto Campus will offer you special programs to experience the Japanese traditional culture and study the language at the same time.


Tokyo is located nearly in the center of the Japanese Archipelago and has continued to develop as the capital of Japan since the Edo period when the Tokugawa Shogunate established it.

Nowadays has become the center of politics, economy and culture. The pleasant combination of modern skyscrapers and nature, one of Tokyo’s charms, won’t let you miss the changes of the Japanese four seasons even in its busiest metropolitan area.

Countless commercial and cultural facilities have also led to some unique Japanese pop subculture,such as food, animation, Idols, etc. In Tokyo the modern culture and arts keep evolving, giving you the chance to feel the Japanese language while enjoying the lively Japanese edge.

Why is ISI Summer Program so popular?

ISI Summer Program focuses on improving Japanese communication skills in a short time while experiencing true Japanese culture. Learn Japanese at a level suitable for you, and use the words you’ve learned during the activities. You’ll share all kinds of amazing experiences with students from all over the world! ISI Summer Program lets you accomplish more than you could ever imagine!

Student Voices

  • It was fun to make friends from many different countries.!
  • Teachers were fun and the teaching methods were great!
  • The course was really fun. I’ll recommend this to my friends.
  • The balance between study and activities was just right.
  • I made many Japanese friends.
  • I enjoyed plenty of free time walking around Tokyo!
  • I was so happy to get my own Yukata!
  • This was a great opportunity to make new friends!
  • I love Japan!
  • I want to go again next year!