Tokyo Summer Course2021

The postponed Olympic will be held in Tokyo in the summer of 2021! Come join the ISI Summer Course, where you can learn Japanese and experience Japanese culture in Tokyo during the big sports festival. We are waiting for many events that you can enjoy the Olympics and Japanese summer with Japanese of the same generation!

Course Duration Aspects of the Courses
Premium 7/12~8/6 There are various events which allow you to enjoy both the Big sports festival and Japan. Such activities include watching soccer  and field hockey games, grapes picking &BBQ(bus tour), Tokyo theme parks, visiting schools/company , etc.!
General 7/12~8/6 This is a course which will allow you to enjoy both your free time, Disney Sea and  the Sumo experience… in addition to Japanese school/company visits,  and Sports Public Viewing Day events are available!
JLPT Specialized Intensive 8/10~8/27 Recommended course for students aiming to pass JLPT N3, N2. This course focuses on linguistics (characters, vocabulary, and grammar), reading/listening skills, and practice with questions likely to be given in the actual test.

Information about Tokyo-Premium/General Courses

  • Age for Participation : 15~65
  • Language Level:0 to JLPT N4 levels
  • The class delivered in Japanese only designed to learn in a short period of time!
    (Class Time: 8:50~12:00)
  • Activities: Watching Sports Games, experiencing Japan culture, and day trips!
  • Please select from two courses. (Included extracurricular activities vary. )

Features of the Tokyo-Premium/General Summer Courses  

1.Enjoy the exciting Sports Games!
During the program, the premium course includes soccer and field hockey events. But even in the general course, you can enjoy events for public viewing!

2.Opportunities to interact with Japanese!
During the program, depending on the event, Japanese students will join activities! Enjoy communication in Japanese!

3.Study and hang out with students from all over the world!
The summer course invites many students from over the world each year! Make lasting “global friendships“ while in  Japan!

4.Enjoy our newly built campus.
The new beautiful building awaits your arrival!

Information about JLPT Specialized Intensive Course

  • Age for participation : 15~65
  • JLPT Levels: Those wanting to pass N3,N2
  • Classes:N3 Preparation Class ・ N3 Preparation Class
  • Class Times (3 Blocks per day):
    AM: 8:50-12:00 (90 Min.×2 Sessions) / PM: 13:00-14:30(90 Min.×1 Session)
  • JLPT Preparation classes all day!
  • Lesson structure is designed specifically for the JLPT exam
  • Tokyo DisneySea Daytrip included


Features of the JLPT Specialized Intensive Course

. Level up with ISI’s JLPT strategy,developed over many years.
 ISI will provide you with the necessary know-how that we have developed! Questions are answered on the spot.

2. Learn alongside students…with the same goals.
Get motivated by studying side by side  with  similar aspirations.

Have a blast at Tokyo DisneySea
Forget about class for a day.

4. Come learn at our new building (Opened July 2019)
The beautiful facilities await your arrival!

【Premium Course】

*Note that details and dates events may change depending on possible unforeseen changes.

【General Course】

*Note that details and dates events may change depending on possible unforeseen changes.

【JLPT Specialized Intensive Course】

*Note that details and dates events may change depending on possible unforeseen changes.

Premium Course


General Course


JLPT Specialized Intensive Course


Included in the Premium and General Courses Costs ;

  • Tuition (from 8:50 to 12:00)
  • Teaching materials / facility fees
  • Yukata Present!
  • Extracurricular activity participation fee Admission ticket
  • One-way transportation costs from school to extracurricular activities +SUICA Card Present! (Note)
    *SUICA cards will be handed at orientation
  • <Premium Course>
    Accommodation fee / round-trip transfer fee for watching soccer
    Round-trip pick-up fee for watching ground hockey
    Round trip transfer fee for 1day Bus tour (grape picking & BBQ)(Note) The SUICA card is a prepaid IC card that can be used for public transportation such as subways, trains, buses and monorails, and for shopping.  1,500 yen is included on the card!

Included in the JLPT Specialized Intensive Course Cost ;

  • JLPT Course Tuition fees
  • Teaching materials / facilities
  • Admission for planned activities
  • One way transportation for school planned activitie + SUICA Card Present! (Note)
    * SUICA cards will be handed out at the orientation.(Note) The SUICA card is a prepaid IC card that can be used for various public transportation venues (subway, train, bus, monorail).  1,500JPY worth will be charged and  provided to you by ISI!

Not included in the Course Costs:

  • Airport pick-up,  Accommodation Fees, Transportation expenses from your accommodation to school, Travel insurance, Food expenses (excluding activities with meals)
  • Free participation activities (Entrance fees and transportation costs will be borne by each person)

Package fee including accommodation arrangement (Course & Homestay Fee)

Course Check-in Check-out Nights Fee
Premium 2021/7/11(Sun) 2021/8/7(Sat) 27 nights 530,500 JPY
General 2021/7/11(Sun) 2021/8/8(Sat) 27 nights 400,500 JPY
JLPT Specialized Intensive 2021/8/8(Sun) 2021/8/28日(Sat) 20 nights 282,000 JPY

*Please contact us if you want to book additional nights. Additional accommodation fee is 5,500 JPY /per night (Single room).

Airport Transfer (Optional)

Airport transfer service from Narita Airport (NRT) or Haneda Airport (HND) to your destination is available. (Price:18,000 yen/One way)