Tokyo-Takadanobaba Campus Let's learn Japanese in the student neighbourhood of Takadanobaba, Tokyo!

Academic Student Town: Takadanobaba

JR Yamanote Line, Seibu Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line and many buses stop in Takadanoba so access from and to major areas of Tokyo is very convenient. There are a lot of colleges and schools in the area so the streets are full of students like in no other part of the country.
You can feel the youthful liveliness and energy around town, and there are lot of food and drinks establishments with reasonable prices.
Recently, the area along Waseda Street from the station up to the Nishi Waseda district has been known as the ”ramen battle area". In addition, in mid-October "Great Takadanobaba Festival" is held where Samba teams are invited and other crowd attracting activities take place.

ISI Language School’s new annex will be opening in Takadanobaba, July 2019!
The new building has capacity for 1,280 people, and will feature state-of-the-art ICT equipment, a Japanese tatami room for learning about traditional culture, private booths for one-on-one counselling, and other facilities that will allow our students to study in comfort and enjoy extra-curricular activities.

The new annex will offer more than just our regular Japanese classes: it’ll also host our Summer Course, which is packed with traditional Japanese activities, and be home to our new cram school, which is designed to help students aiming for Higher Education in Japan. It’ll fulfill the needs of students from all over the world.
Apply today and come see it yourself!

“Appreciation Campaign” Value  (Including Entrance Fee, Lesson Fee, Material Fee and Facility Fee)

Study Period: 8 Weeks 10 Weeks
Regular Fee ¥165,850 ¥201,500
Discount -¥30,850 -¥46,500
Total Amount: ¥135,000 ¥155,000

Check out our video of the Takadanobaba Campus!

About Takadanobaba Campus

High level of guidance

We offer elective courses such as Graduate School Pathway classes, Top University Prep. course, etc. to meet the needs of each student while putting effort in their guidance. This way every year a great number of students who want to pursue higher education in Japan acquire a high score in the EJU test -not only in Japanese but also in other subjects-, do well in the interview and make their dreams come true by joining a top Japanese university.

Maximum + Multinational + Multilevel

Takadanobaba Campus is the largest campus within the ISI Gorup with over 1,300 students. Since there are always students from more than 50 countries, and classes are divided in more than 40 levels, you can study Japanese in a lively environment while learning about other countries.

Different courses

Each person has different purposes and needs when learning Japanese. Therefore, at Takadanobaba Campus we have developed different courses and mechanisms to respond to the students' objectives.


Student Interview

I feel my language skill improving with every day here.

Mattis Alfred Mikael Grahm

From Sweden

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I have grown up hearing amazing things about Japan.

Joylin Martin Pinto

From India

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ISI Students have been growing together.

Jorge López Pizarvo

From Spain

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I would like to strive for the automobile industry.

Sun Pinzhang

From China

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The teachers teach kindly and eagerly and they also provide support for going on to higher education.

Hsu Chiayu

From Taiwan

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Teacher Interview

Let's do our best together to make your dream come true!

Naomi Furui

Takadanobaba Campus
Japanese Teacher

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Just by studying abroad your world won't spread. I think that a new world can be opened by studying abroad and accepting the people and the countries you meet. Please, enjoy positively new encounters and discoveries.

Chie Suzuki

Takadanobaba Campus
Japanese Teacher

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In online classes, you can feel the culture of the other country through the screen. Please enjoy the fun of communicating with people all over the world through Japanese.

Mizuki Kameda

Takadanobaba Campus
Japanese Teacher

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I think the appeal of online classes is that the individuality and personality of the students that don’t show up in face-to-face lessons can be expressed. I'm really looking forward to studying with you!

Yuki Takahashi

Takadanobaba Campus
Japanese Teacher

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The best thing about online classes is that you can take classes in your own country or at home. This is a great way to learn as long as you have an internet connection.

Mayo Oma

Takadanobaba Campus
Japanese Teacher

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About Takadanobaba Campus

Since its establishment, Takadanobaba Campus has offered the most innovative curriculum designed by ISI Group's most experienced teachers to meet students' needs, obtaining wonderful results.
Students who wish to enroll in higher education in Japan after graduating from ISI will get full support from our professional teachers, even after class. Every year many of our students are successfully admitted in famous Japanese vocational schools and universities.
In addition, we offer Summer Courses for those who want to experience the Japanese culture and enjoy a fun summer time in Japan. In the past years these courses have been very welcomed among students from over 100 countries. ISI will keep trying its best to help each student to make their dreams come true.