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The “Onsen” that you want to experience once in Japan

Japan is said to be one of the world’s leading country when talk about hot spring. Japan is said to be one of the world’s leading hot spring powers. The number of hot spring facilities in Japan exceeds 20,000 places, including accommodation facilities and public baths. There are hot springs and accommodation facilities in all 47 prefectures of Japan. Hot springs are familiar and have close interaction to Japanese people.

Hot spring town

However, it is an experience with high hurdles for foreigners. When you go to a hot spring in other countries, it is common to wear a bathing suit, but in Japan you basically go naked. Suddenly getting naked with a lot of strangers is a great resistance for an unfamiliar foreigner. It’s been a common practice in Japan for a long time, but it’s quite bold, isn’t it?

Various types of hot springs (click to slide)

There are some manners / rules in Japanese hot spring culture

  • People with tattoos often cannot enter (please check with the facility in advance)
  • lease do not bring your mobile phone
  • Wash your body first before entering the bathtub
  • Do not put towels in the bathtub
  • Wipe your body thoroughly with a towel before returning to the dressing room.

Wash your body before entering the hot springs. (Onsen washing place)

The charm of hot springs in Nagano prefecture, where the ISI campus is located

Nagano Prefecture, which has many open-air baths with spectacular views, is one of Japan’s top-class hot spring province. With more than 200 hot spring resorts, it is the second largest in Japan. Speaking of the charm of Nagano’s hot springs, in addition to the “magnificent scenery”, there are plenty of day trip hot spring facilities where you can stop by for mountain climbing and skiing.

A famous hot spring resort in Nagano prefecture (only one of more than 200)

1.野沢温泉 (Nozawa Onsen)
2.白骨温泉 (Shirahone Onsen)
3.昼神温泉 (Hirugami Onsen)
4.別所温泉 (Bessho Onsen)
5.渋温泉 (Shibu Onsen)

Since ancient times, Japan has used the hot springs, which are a blessing of nature, to maintain good health and to develop its own hot spring culture as a tourist destination. Besides taking a hot spring, the Japanese way to enjoy hot springs is to enjoy meals and the scenery of the hot spring town.

There are differences in the scent, color, ingredients and effects of hot springs depending on the area. There are many hot spring resorts in Nagano prefecture, each of them has its own characteristics, so it may be fun to go out to experience the differences.

Currently accepting application for admission for 2021 April student at Nagano Campus

We are currently accepting applications for admission for April 2021 students. Nagano Prefecture is not just limited to hot springs. The nature is very rich, and you can enjoy beautiful scenery every day from the campus, so you can study in a very relaxed mood. In addition, the student dormitory is located a 5-minute walk from the campus, so you can feel as if you are at home and improve your conversation skills throughout your daily life.

We also offer individual consultation online, so please feel free to contact us.
Please also refer to the comments from the students at Nagano Campus.