Student Interview with Arantxa Ramos Huerta

Arantxa Ramos Huerta

From Mexico
Advance level I-1 / Nagano Campus

I decided to come to Japan to study the language with some friends 2 years ago, after seeing different schools we concluded that NBL would be the best option for us as it would help us with various things such as finding accommodation, finding part-time work and properly completing the procedures to live in Japan. The ISI system has several campuses around Japan but we chose the one in Nagano seeing that it would be a quiet city which would free us from the stress of daily life in busy cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, etc. Ueda, Nagano is a city in which every day you can gaze at a beautiful landscape as it is surrounded by mountains, this creates a very relaxing environment for your studies. At school every day we spoke and wrote only in Japanese so you could quickly notice your growth. After a year and a half, upon graduation, I decided to enter a Advanced Diploma (Japan) in animation in the city of Kyoto where I currently reside. All thanks to the help of my teachers who helped me throughout all the procedures towards continuing my studies.