Notice About Returning to Normal Business Hours

Please check the notice again even if you read it before.
The contents have been changed from the notice posted on May 12.
◆Schools Returning to Normal Business Hours: Tokyo-Takadanobaba Campus・Tokyo-Ikebukuro Campus・Kyoto Campus

To suppress the spread of the novel coronavirus, the ISI Japanese Language School have recently shortened business hours at each school to protect customers and staff. However, Japan’s state of emergency has been lifted, as of June 8, 2020 (Monday), so all schools will return to their normal business hours. Thank you very much for understanding and cooperating with us until now about the shortened business hours.

【Return to Normal Business Hours】 From Monday, June 8, 2020

【Business Hours】   8:30~17:30 (Returning to Normal Business Hours.)

To help end the spread of the coronavirus, please cooperate with our measures for sanitation and safety (using alcohol-based disinfectants and wearing a mask if possible) when visiting school.

Additionally, since Monday, June 8, each school will be acting according to their hygiene and safety measures to hold face-to-face classes with students chosen through different stages.

For details, please check “School reopening and Measures for sanitation and safety at ISI School ”.