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School reopening and Measures for sanitation and safety at ISI School

On May 25th, Japanese government lifted the state‐of‐emergency declaration which was associated with the spread of the new coronavirus infection. ISI Japanese language school is reopening schools gradually in June following the policies of the government. We will be getting ready for the time being for reopening with the following schedule and also, we will make sure that measures for sanitation and safety will be strictly done. The detailed schedule will be provided through the school portal site to the current students.

【Overview for Reopening School】

  1. In June, while we continue online classes, we will start face-to –face classes gradually. We will continue online classes from June 1st (Mon) to 5th (Fri). After June 8th (Mon), we are planning to restart face-to-face classes with limited students.
  2. School will notify current students through the school portal site during June about restarting face-to-face classes.
  3. For the time being, there will be no field trips including activities. School will inform current students depending on the situation.


【Measures for Sanitation and Safety

【Students’ health】

  1. We would like ask students to keep washing their hands and keep good manners when coughing for reopening the schools.
  2. Please wear a face mask when coming to school. You cannot come into the school building without face mask.
  3. Take your body temperature at home and record it before going to school. If your body temperature is higher than 37.5℃ or you have symptoms of a cold such as a cough, please stay home and take a rest. Please keep the records for the next three weeks.
  4. If you cannot check your body temperature in your home, please stop by the administrative office to take your temperature.
  5. Please wear a mask until you return home and please keep some distance from other people on your way to and from school. Please avoid close contact and refrain from talking on public transportation.
  6. Please pay attention to avoid The 3 C’s (crowded places, close contact, closed spaces) in the school buildings.
  7. Please consider the distance and the volume of your voice when you need to have a conversation.

【Measures to prevent the spread of infection in schools】

  1. Health control
    ・Hand sanitizer will be installed at the entrance of the school.
  2. School buildings
    ・Using the elevator will not be allowed to avoid closed spaces.
    ・Doors and windows will be opened to keep the air circulating regularly while also considering the weather.
  3. Class
    ・In the classroom, keep more than one meter between each student.
    ・We will not have any close group learning and discussion to prevent droplet infection.
  4. Others
    ・Desks, chairs and the points where many students may touch (handrails, doorknobs, switches, etc.) will be sanitized every day.
    ・If you would like to talk with a counselor, please contact the administrative office and make a reservation by using the designated form.

【No food and drinks in the school building】

  1. Cafeterias in each campus will be closed for the time being.
  2. In Takadanobaba, Ikebukuro and Kyoto campus, eating and drinking will be prohibited. Only drinking for preventing heatstroke is accepted. In Nagano campus, please use the designated area.
  3. The shared areas in school such as the library, self-study room, break room and PC room will be closed as well.

【How to deal with an infected person or persons in close contact】

We will take the measures above in order to prevent the infection, but in the worst case, if a student or staff member become infected, school will contact with the public health center and take certain measures such as a class, level or a whole school closure.

  1. Attendance of the infected person will be suspended based on Article 19 of the School Health and Safety Act.
  2. If a student is identified as a close contacted person because the student’s roommate or coworker was infected, attendance will be suspended until two weeks have passed after the contact.
  3. If there are a few students who are identified as a close contacted person, the class will be closed to guarantee the progress of learning.
  4. If a staff is identified as an infected person, a class, level, or the whole school may be closed for the students’ safety which is the main priority.
  5. If a staff is identified as a close contacted person, he/she will stay home until it becomes clear whether he/she has been infected with the virus.

【How to deal with school closure due to a possible second wave of infections】

  1. In the future, if the numbers of infected people suddenly increase again and the government asks all schools to be closed again, we will always follow the policy of the government.
  2. In case of a temporary closure and school closure above, we will prepare for the online classes again so that students can take classes at home.

※To prevent further spread of the infection such as secondary infection, we would like to ask all students to refrain from going out without any important reasons, traveling and gathering in large groups. Thank you for your cooperation.