ISI Kyoto Campus is now open!

Kyoto Campus finally opened on 1st July, 2017!

During the opening ceremony, held one day prior to the first day of school, we received many customers and neighbours and had a wonderful time together.

Inside the school, the furniture is unified with geometrical design with combinations as infinite as the dreams of our students who are in charge of the future.

The facilities include the East Building and the West Building, with a total of 30 classrooms, Japanese style room, prayer room, consultation room, library, terrace, café, etc. This way, students from all over the world can learn in a comfortable and satisfying surrounding.

Thanks to the unique environment of Kyoto, students from various nationalities can absorb the Japanese culture while learning Japanese even from the beginning!

After lessons are done, which temple do you want to visit or around which neighbourhood would you like to take a walk? Or maybe going to a nice café to chat? You can have fun every day!!

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