Support for Students Applying to Higher Education

There are over 760 universities and graduate schools and over 3,000 vocational schools in Japan. To support the students in their endeavors, ISI holds many events and special courses at each campus to assist students in their efforts to find the destination that best support them in their advancement to college.

  1. Various college events hosted by ISI
    From prestigious public universities to vocational schools, many renowned schools set up booths for ISI students to listen to presentations about their schools. These events allow students to can learn about the characteristics of the school and their exams. University tours are also held as appropriate, allowing you to participate in campus tours and hands-on classes.
  2. Attending college fairs (external)
    Students can participate in fair by JASSO showcasing many other graduate schools, universities and vocational schools. Information on schools in Tokyo and other schools in Japan are also available. It is a very effective event for deciding which school to take.
  3. Information sessions hosted by individual colleges
    We also invite popular and famous graduate schools, universities and vocational schools to offer informational sessions for ISI students.
  4. History of recommendations to select schools
    Based on the results of students who have graduated from ISI, ISI students have received designated school recommendations (both our headquarters and schools) from many higher education institutions (graduate schools, universities, vocational schools), and also recommended students who meet the conditions for acceptance.
  5. Special preparatory classes for students applying to higher education
    Each of our schools offer special courses for students who wish to apply, such as “Preparation for Application Documents,” “Writing Purpose for Study” for Applicants,” “Preparation for Graduate Application,” and “Interview Preparation”. Information is available for those interested in these courses. For those seeking to enter graduate school, we offer a special course in which guest professors are invited.


ISI Japanese Language School has a high-quality Japanese language education with students from more than 60 countries.
Many international students, including those recommended by HOSEI University, are enrolled through ISI group.
I always feel that ISI teachers and Career advisors at the Career Center provide detailed support for their students to overcome our competitive entrance examinations at both universities and graduate schools.
I hope from now onwards ISI will continue to educate excellent international students and contribute to the world.

HOSEI University, HOSEI Business School of Innovation Management,
Professor. Dr. TAKADA Asako