Voice from Nguyen Hong Phong

Nguyen Hong Phong

Nagano Campus Graduate
Sotobo Co. Ltd.
(Formerly Kozora Sotobo)

I wanted to work in a place where I can use my communication and Japanese language skills that I learned in NBL. That is why I’ve decided to work with customers. Also, Japanese hospitality is famous around the world. The best way you could learn Japanese manners and hospitality is to work in a Ryokan or in a hotel in Japan, so I decided to do so. I was anxious about the interview, and I struggled with the preparation because it is very different from my daily conversation. Still, with help from my teachers, I was able to receive an offer from the company I aimed to work. I wish to absorb the Japanese way of working as well as their attitude to work and their awareness and become a helpful worker faster. I hope that students will make an effort to learn more during their classes with the realization that they are studying in a college. Your attitude towards studies always leads to further learning and employment. Good luck!