Voice from Jan Rinfun

Jan Rinfun

Takadanobaba Campus Graduate
Meiji University

Have you had any difficulties while studying at ISI?
Waking up in the mornings was difficult. I had lessons in the morning, so I had to set more than 3 alarms every morning to make sure I wasn’t late.
Did you have consultations with ISI teachers to take exams?
I consulted about various things. They taught me how to write a personal statement and how to have an interview. Also, I'm really grateful for all the advice when I was choosing a school.
Please give advice to current students who are aiming to continue their studies.
It is important to keep studying Japanese every day. Japanese language skills are the most important to enter a good university. Please think carefully about what kind of university you want to go to and what field you want to study. And then do your best with confidence to achieve your goals! ""Thinking"" and ""acting"" are both essential.