Voice from Henagoda Withanachchi Nuwan Nayanajith

Henagoda Withanachchi Nuwan Nayanajith

Nagano Campus Graduate
"Azumaya Kogen Hotel"
Ueda Operations Inc.

Continue your job search with the support from the teachers from ISI Career Centre! I have the impression that it is still tricky for international students to find a job in Japan. Before receiving advice from my career supporter teacher, even though I sent more than 40 inquiries about recruitment to Japanese companies, I only received a few replies. However, the employment support at this school, including the career supporters, really is something wonderful. Please keep looking for a job without giving up while using that support. Everyone who comes to Japan from overseas, including myself, comes with a strong desire to live in Japan and acquire Japanese skills, so if you can speak directly about this, you will definitely transmit that enthusiasm to the company. I have consciously seen my workplace as a school during this past three years, and I would like to continue to value communication and try to actively interact with both customers and colleagues.