Voice from Koo Ka Yan

Koo Ka Yan

Nagano Campus Graduate
Koma Industry Co., Ltd., Sales Engineering Department

Currently I am working at the sales engineering department. While I learn how to work at a Japanese company I am also doing support work at the factory in my home country, Malaysia.

I have translated and interpreted in Malay or English in Japanese companies and work exchanges between Japanese and Malaysians for both local staff in Malaysia and in Japan.

I decided to go to Japan 5 years ago and, even though it was a life-changing decision, now I think that it was a very good one.

Since I came to Japan, teachers and many other people from the Nagano Campus took good care of me, and after I graduated I got my current job, where, thankfully, I can connect Malaysia and Japan.

Without forgetting my home country, I reciprocate and thank Japan by doing my best to the utmost.