Student Interview with Francesca Mari

Francesca Mari

From Italy
Beginner II-1 / Ikebukuro Campus

Why did you decide to study in Japan?
Since years ago I started to get interested in Japan and Japanese culture. My love for Japan increased until I started to think that it was the place where I belonged to. Three years ago I came to Japan during my summer vacation to study a little bit of Japanese and see how Japan actually was. It was even better than I thought. But I understood that I wasn't on the same "level" as Japanese people, and to become like them I had to work hard. That became my life goal! So one day I can live in Japan like a Japanese. To make this happen I thought that instead of studying Japanese in my country, studying in Japan would be a lot better, because while I'm studying Japanese I also can understand better Japanese moral and life in general.
Why did you choose ISI?
When I looked for schools to enrol, I saw many kinds of schools, but I chose ISI Language College because it seemed a serious school, and perfect for those who wants to continue their studies in Japan afterwards.
What do you think was the best thing of enrolling in ISI?
The best thing of enrolling in ISI is certainly the fact that I'm learning faster than I thought I could, because of the teachers who are really talented. I think that is for those who want to learn Japanese well and for me, ISI teachers' lessons are like a goldmine!
What is your future dream?
Since I've always been a dreamer I have a lot of big dreams. Talking about my dreams makes me a little embarrassed because I always feel like I'm still a child because of my dreams. I think that it's because I'm still influenced by my culture's way of thinking, which actually doesn't fit me. By the way, one of my dreams is to live in Japan, and if I wasn't a dreamer I wouldn't have been here in Japan studying Japanese. So I'm really grateful to be a dreamer because right now I'm living in a dream! In the future I'd like to do a job that has to do with music, since all my life I always loved it and did some things that have to do with it, like dance school and singing lessons. During my life I started to see the music as a friend who helped me a lot, so I want to give all my life to it, doing also what I love: singing and dancing. I know this is a big dream, but I won't give up now.
What would you tell to those who want to study in ISI?
If you're a Japan lover and you really want to learn Japanese and Japanese culture like me, then ISI language college is the perfect school! In this school, if you really intend to do your best, the teachers will notice it and they will help you to achieve the results that you want for yourself.