Student Interview with Joylin Martin Pinto

Joylin Martin Pinto

From India
Advanced I-4 / Takadanobaba Campus

Why did you decide to study in Japan?
I have grown up hearing amazing things about Japan and its culture. Travelling to Japan and witnessing anime, bullet trains, the incredible ways various festivals are celebrated, ninja parade, sumo, sushi, Mt. Fuji, the immense kindness of people, etc. was something I couldn’t resist not experiencing.
Why did you choose ISI?
The positive reviews on ISI website caught my attention. And I can say I am not disheartened.
What do you think was the best thing of enrolling in ISI?
Friendly teacher-student relationship, and being guided at every step during the stay in Japan, career guidance and of course good teaching skills of teachers were some of the best things I experienced while being enrolled in ISI.
What is your future dream?
I have fallen in love with Japan, especially Tokyo and there is no going back so I will continue to pursue my career here.
What would you tell to those who want to study in ISI?
I would strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Japanese along with experiencing Japanese culture and wanting to make the most of your time in Japan with international friends; ISI is the right place for you.