Student Interview with Jorge López Pizarro

Jorge López Pizarro

From Spain
IntermediateIII -2 / Takadanobaba Campus

Why did you decide to study in Japan?
While I was in Spain, I once decided to live my life to the fullest and have no regrets, and the best way to achieve it was fulfilling a lifelong dream: going to Japan.
Why did you choose ISI?
While searching for an academy, I got help from a friend who had already been here and he encouraged me to join ISI, as he had been here and was satisfied. I followed his recommendation and ended up here.
What do you think was the best thing of enrolling in ISI?
Best thing about getting into ISI has clearly been my classmates. Even though we come from different places, we all share a feeling of not being able to speak proper Japanese, and have been growing together and seeing each other's progress, which has helped us making irreplaceable bonds.
What is your future dream?
My dream does not end after graduation. I want to find a job here, and I think I will be able to do it properly thanks to what I learned at ISI. After that, only new adventures await!
What would you tell to those who want to study in ISI?
I would tell them to obviously choose wisely after thinking things through and thorough. It is not easy coming to a foreign country and rebuilding your life, but if you actually take your first step towards it, then I definitely recommend ISI.