July Term Online Class

For long term students who enroll in July
See you at the online class!

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We have decided to offer a special online class exclusively for July term students in order to provide a more satisfactory Japanese study experience for all of our international students.

【Class hours】

Morning Class
Japan Standard Time(UTC+9)
Afternoon Class
Japan Standard Time(UTC+9)
1st period 10:00~11:30 15:00~16:30
2時限/2nd  period 11:45~13:15 16:45~18:15

*Whether you attend the morning or afternoon class will be determined based on the results of your placement test, your time zone difference from Japan, and the balance of students.

July Term Online Class Features


Entrance fee (55,000 yen) waived

ISI will waive the 55,000 yen entrance fee for those who continue their studies from the October 2021 term onward.


ISI Curriculum by Japanese teachers at ISI

Class will be held by native, fully qualified Japanese teachers from ISI.


Flexible class hours

Class hours are set for morning classes (starting at 10:00 a.m. Japan time) and afternoon classes (starting at 3:00 p.m. Japan time) to accommodate the time difference for everyone overseas.


Participation in career path events available

The school will provide career guidance according to established schedules. Students can participate in career guidance events and seminars, whether you plan to move on to higher education or seek employment in Japan.


Reliable consultation system

Class teachers, faculty staff and career counselors are also available via e-mail and Zoom for consultations (daily support, career counseling) even outside of class hours.

Have a wonderful encounter and international exchange experience beyond borders!

ISI Group holds regular events where Japanese students who are interested in international exchange and international students who want to communicate with Japanese students can freely communicate with each other under various themes.
To date, many international students from all over the world have participated in these events, creating many opportunities to meet people and experience international exchange.

For the Covid-19 pandemic, the online format of the event has become firmly established, and we have received very favorable feedback from the participants in the questionnaire, with a 100% satisfaction rate each time.
In particular, this online social gathering was held with the aim of providing international students who have been unable to enter Japan and are learning Japanese while taking online classes in their home countries with an opportunity to interact with Japanese students.
Please join this event and experience a virtual study abroad in Japan by interacting with Japanese and students from other countries!
We look forward to seeing you at the event!

◇Date and time of the event (Japan time)

July 18th (Sun)     15:30-16:30
July 24     (Sat)      15:30-16:30
August 11 (Wed)    13:30-14:30
August 28 (Sat)     11:00-12:00

◇Location: Online

◇Participation fee: Free

*We will inform you of the details after you enter ISI Japanese Language School.

For those who are still unsure about their internet connection and the overall format of online class, we will be offering a free trial class according to the following schedule. Please take this opportunity to participate.

Date and time (Japan Standard Time UTC+9)
1.June 8 (Tuesday) 10:00 – 10:45         Application Closed
2. June 10 (Thursday) 15:00 – 15:45    Application Closed

Class contents (Japanese level)
(1) Survival Japanese (Elementary)
(2) Strengthening your basic Japanese (Intermediate)
(3) General upper-intermediate Japanese (Advanced)

 Deadline for registration (JST UTC+9): Wednesday, June 9th 9:00am , 2021