2021 JLPT pass rate

The JLPT is the most widely taken Japanese language test in the world. The number of test takers is increasing every year, as having the highest level (N1) has many advantages for higher education and employment in companies.

ISI Japanese Language School Group’s N1 pass rate was 55.5%, which is more than 25% higher than the national pass rate (29.9%).
The pass rate for the N2 exam was 55.5%, more than 20% higher than the national pass rate (34.6%), and again, many students were happy to report that they passed the exam.

Reference: JLPT certification rate in Japan (JLPT official website)

July 2021 Implementation. ISI pass rate*1 National pass rate*2
N1 55.5% 29.9%
N2 55.5% 34.6%

*1Pass rate equivalent to the level of the examination at our campuses
*2Data of examinees in Japan

Among the ISI Japanese language school group, Kyoto Campus  and Takadanobaba Campus had the highest pass rate.
Kyoto Campus N1 pass rate: 67% N2 pass rate: 70%
Takadanobaba Campus N1 pass rate: 58%, N2 pass rate: 61% 
, a great result.

POINT1 Test practice starting early will help you perform at your best.

ISI offers many practice tests for JLPT and other Japanese language tests (e.g. J.TEST (Test Of Practical Japanese)) from the beginner level. By getting used to the test questions from the early stage of learning Japanese, you will be prepared to show your ability in the real test. In the lesson plan (syllabus) for the beginner level, among the four skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking), listening and reading activities are used to practice JLPT “Listening” and “Reading comprehension” questions.

POINT2 ISI’s original test preparation questions

The J.TEST is required to be taken twice a year (*1), so ISI’s original J.TEST preparation questions are prepared and practiced in class. These preparatory classes lead to good results on the JLPT.
(*1) Starting in 2022, we plan to take the test once a year.

POINT3 Concentrate on the key points of the exam in elective classes

Students in Intermediate II and above have elective classes according to their career paths and objectives, and elective courses include JLPT exam preparation classes. This year, we have evolved our teaching materials and methods to allow students to focus more on problem solving strategies in class. Students are now able to take the exam with a better understanding of how to solve the questions, and the pass rate has increased dramatically.

The next JLPT exam date is Sunday, December 5th.

At ISI, experienced teachers who have led many students to pass exams will support each student to keep their motivation high. The next exam in December will be the last one of this year. Let’s work hard together to pass the exam.