Trip in Yamanashi

One day in Yamanashi prefecture experience Japanese mountain onsen and unlimited strawberries tasting for 30 minutes in the countryside.

Tokyo can’t be resume to the city uniquely. Around tokyo we count many prefectures around with many activities to do.
Today let me introduce you Yamanashi prefecture two hours away from Tokyo known for its fruits.
Yamanashi is a Japanese prefecture to the southwest of Tokyo on the island of Honshu. It encompasses the northern part of Mount Fuji, where hundreds of thousands of visitors climb to the summit every year. In the Fuji Five Lakes area, resort towns surround the lakes created by the iconic mountain’s eruption.

Enjoy the nature of Yamanashi to the full, from Mt. Fuji to fruits.

Yamanashi Prefecture is dubbed Japan’s greatest “Kingdom of Fruit” for the year-round production of numerous types of fruit, and for producing the country’s largest volume of grape, peach, and plum. All fruits nurtured by the vast nature of Yamanashi are juicy and delicious, and they come in several varieties, too. The best way to enjoy the season’s best fruit is to pick it yourself. Fruit even tastes better when eaten while admiring the view that changes with each season, such as the magnificent mountains and stunning autumn foliage.

It’s for this reason that I decided to go to a 30 minutes unlimited strawberries picking/eating activities
Bright red strawberries are a treat on their own. But the Japanese way of enjoying freshly picked strawberries is to dip them in the condensed milk handed out at reception. The flavorful berries and the sweet condensed milk blend in the mouth and taste like a specially prepared dessert. And the fresh strawberries are twice as delicious! One other thing unique to Japan is the cultivation technique. The strawberries are grown high above the ground. This way, the fruit is clean and there’s no need to stoop down, so picking it is fun for everyone from children to elders.
It only costs about 1400 yen for half an hour. I was greeted by a very warm and friendly lady, who I would like to call my Japanese “grandmother”, who explained everything to me in great detail.
If you are interested in this concept please find more information here.
This experience is wonderful and I really hope that you will be able to try it.

Another activity to do in Yamanashi is the mountain onsen. High on the mountain, you can have a very relaxing onsen with a wonderful view of the valley and the city.
Hottarakashi Onsen”, Hot spring with outdoor baths separated by gender, known for scenic sunrise & Mt. Fuji views.
the view is breathtaking is the unforgettable experience.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing you again in the next blog about my new adventure.