September Live Streaming

In the coming September 2021, ISI Japanese Language School Education Center is providing a live webcast to show you the full benefits of our schools. If you are not able to come to Japan or are planning to come some day, please watch this live broadcast.

Please check the information below and feel free to participate in any of the livestreams you would like to attend.
We’re preparing a secret prize for those who attend the livestream, so stay tuned for the day!

*Please note that you will need to pre-register for the Zoom live streaming.
*Please note that the live streaming schedule below is in Japan time.

Live Streaming at Harajuku Campus

The campus of Harajuku School is like walking through a sparkling city. As a school that features support for employment in Japan, it is a must-see for those who want to build a career in Japan. On the day of the event, we will show you the attractiveness of the school in the form of a live webcast, with interviews with current students and teachers who actually attend the school!

English (Instagram): Monday, September 6, 10:00 a.m. – Distributed by: Aya Hattori
French (Instagram): Monday, September 6th, 17:00 – Distributed by: Jorge

① Guide from Shibuya station to the school
② ISI Harajuku school facilities
③ Outline of ISI group schools
④ Explain the attraction of ISI Harajuku school program
⑤ Question and answer session
⑥ Explanation of special offers

Live Streaming at Takadanobaba Campus.

Takadanobaba is one of the most popular student districts in Japan. Takadanobaba Campus is the largest Japanese language school in the ISI group and is known for its high level of academic guidance. On the day of the event, we’ll broadcast all the facilities of Takadanobaba School’s new and main buildings, so don’t miss it!


English (zoom): 9/6 (Mon) 17:00– Streaming by: Anastasia

①  Guide from Takadanobaba Station Toyama Exit to the new building
② Introduce  ILS Facilities
③  About studying in Japan
④ Outline of ISI group schools
⑤ About ISI Japanese language school courses/programs
⑥ Process from application to enrollment
⑦ Individual consultation
⑧ Explanation of special offers

Live Streaming from Study Abroad Counselor’s Home

ISI has many experienced counselors with high level of language skills, and they have been helping many international students to realize their dreams. This time, we have prepared a special live webcast where two experienced counselors will explain the appeal of ISI Japanese Language School and study abroad process to you. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Spanish (Instagram): 9/4 (Sat) 5:00- Streaming by: Jorge
Russian (zoom): 9/5 (Sun) 17:00- Streaming by: Anastasia

① Online system check, etc.
② Study in Japan
③  Outline of ISI group schools
④ About ISI Japanese language school courses/programs
⑤ Process from application to enrollment
⑥ Individual consultation
⑦ Explanation of special offers

How to participate

Those who want to participate via Instagram
1、Follow ISI’s Instagram account before the event time on the day.

English Instagram: @isijapan French Instagram: @isijapan_fr Spanish Instagram: @isijapan_es

2、When the time for the live event comes, search for the ISI account or join the live event from “Live Streaming” in Stories! If you have any questions while joining the live, please ask us.

If you want to join via Zoom
Please fill out the application form below.

ISI Japanese Language School Chief Admission Counselor

Aya Hattori (Born in Japan, Streaming Language : English [Instagram])
* Counselled over 800 students.
* Previous work experience : An area manager of an English language school
* Supported Visa applications on behalf of students from more than 20 countries and helped issue visas successfully.
* Hobbies: learning Spanish on her own in her free time

ISI Japanese Language School Admission Counselor

Jorge (Born in Spain, Streaming Language : Spanish, French)
Born in Valladolid (Spain), majoring in history and journalism.
Fluent in Spanish, English, French, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese. Also learning Russian and Dutch.
Has lived in Paris (France) for four years and Ghent (Belgium) for one year in addition to Japan.

ISI Japanese Language School Admission Counselor

Anastasia (from Russia, Streaming language: Russian, English [Zoom])
Graduated from Novosibirsk State University (majoring in Japanese linguistics), University of Toyama
Provides individual counseling and visa application document support to students who wish to study in Japan, and has helped many students realize their dreams of studying in Japan.
Hobbies: Japanese music