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【Implementation Report】ISI Group New Coronavirus Vaccine Occupational Vaccination

In response to the government’s policy regarding the start of occupational vaccination against new strains of coronavirus, ISI Group conducted the first round of occupational vaccination on July 21, 27, and 28, 2021 for students, faculty members, and family members of faculty members (including part-time lecturers and their family members) aged 18 and above, and employees of client companies.

At the Takadanobaba Campus (ISI Language School’s new building), where the vaccinations were held, detailed preparations were made in advance so that the students could receive the vaccinations with peace of mind, and on the day of the vaccinations, the staff at the school took thorough measures to prevent infection, such as disinfecting with alcohol, wearing face masks and gloves.

After entering the building, taking temperature at the reception desk, and verifying documents, etc., the subject will be interviewed by a doctor, and if diagnosed as eligible for vaccination, will be able to receive the vaccination.

The second round of vaccinations will be held at the same venue on August 18 (Wed), August 25 (Wed), and August 26 (Thu).
We hope that the COVID-19 will be brought under control soon and that everyone will be able to return to normal life.

1. Overview
Inoculation days:
1st session: Wednesday 21 July, Tuesday 27 July and Wednesday 28 July.
2nd session: Wednesday 18 August, Wednesday 25 August and Thursday 26 August.
Place: ISI Language School (Takadanobaba Campus), Annex B1F
Vaccine: Takeda/Moderna vaccine

2. Eligibility for Vaccination
Number of inoculations: Approximately 1,600 (500 to 540 per day)
Target: Students who are enrolled in the following ISI Schools aged over 18 and staff (including part-time staff) and their families (if they wish)
・ISI Language School (Takadanobaba Campus)
・ISI Language College (Ikebukuro Campus)
・ISI Career and Language Academy, Harajuku
・Beijing Language and Culture University,Tokyo College
・Tokyo Business and Language College
・ISI Group Headquarters

3. Official sources of information on vaccination
Prime Minister’s office of Japan (English website)

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (English website)