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This Tanabata, make your dreams come true with online tanzaku!

Every year at Takadanobaba School, we put up a bamboo branch at the entrance and write wishes on strips of paper…but this year, from the perspective of SDGs, we held an online Tanabata festival called “Digital Tanabata”.

Digital Tanabata

The most common wish was “I wish Corona would disappear,” but there were also many humorous wishes such as “I want to be a pirate king like Luffy from One Piece” and “I want to be a magical girl,” which was interesting.

And! The teachers did their best to decorate the house so that everyone could feel the Tanabata Festival ☆彡

Try making origami Orihime and Hikoboshi, or cut up unwanted paper and turn it into the Milky Way…!

It’s wonderful, full of handmade touches.

We hope that your wishes will come true. And good luck with your schoolwork!

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