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Japanese people are afraid to tell the truth!? International Students speak honestly! Toyo University x ISI Exchange Party

Toyo University’s Faculty of Sociology offers a class on “Multicultural Conviviality in Japan,” and this time, as part of the “Social Research and Practice” class, an online exchange meeting was held with international students from the ISI Group.
It was a valuable opportunity for ISI students to interact with Japanese students as well as to make use of their daily study results.

Using Zoom’s “breakout session” feature, a small-group social gathering began.

The themes were 1) “Events in the home countries of ISI students” and 2) “Impressions of Japanese people” by international students.

The students came from countries and regions as diverse as China, Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Russia, France, Argentina, and Vietnam! They were all very interested in learning about festivals and celebrations (holidays) that are not well known in Japan, and conversely, customs and events that are familiar to Japanese people.

For international students, they used to have this image of Japan (people).
For example…
・In Japan, there are robots everywhere, and technology is everywhere.
・Japanese people are serious and work every day without smiling much.
・Japanese people always carry a notebook… etc.

But the truth is that Japanese people also take time off and enjoy their private lives. It was refreshing for them to see such people.

I sometimes feel that Japanese people are afraid of the truth!?

For example, when I ask them out to dinner, they say, “I’m a little…” and don’t tell me whether they are saying yes or no. Sometimes it is hard to see the “true feelings” of Japanese people.

The attitude of not saying things clearly seems to foreign students as if they are afraid to say what they really think. Maybe the person is just overthinking things, but on the other hand, it could be that he or she is confusing the other person. This may be a Japanese “thing”.

ISI Japanese Language School organizes various out-of-class events, including exchange events with Japanese students.

For those who are planning to go on to higher education in Japan, this is a good opportunity to learn about the opinions and student life of Japanese university students.
Depending on the content of the event, students may deepen their understanding of not only Japanese culture but also other cultures and multiculturalism, while at the same time improving their overall Japanese language skills through a variety of activities and acquiring the ability to communicate and express themselves in Japanese.

ISI is offering short term online programs this summer too!

It is still difficult to enter Japan, and many activities during this summer vacation will be limited due to the new coronavirus, but why not expand your horizons online and try something you can’t experience in your home country?

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