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ISI Japanese Language School – Harajuku – Live Session was held.

We held an online information session at ISI Harajuku school on Monday, April 19th, and many viewers watched the live session. Thanks to everyone’s cooperation, we were able to finish the live broadcast successfully.

The Harajuku school is the fifth Japanese language school of the ISI Group, one of the largest educational groups in Japan, and was opened in the Shibuya-Harajuku area. The Harajuku school offers professional business Japanese, Japanese business manners, and employment counseling for those who have a university degree in their home country and aim to improve their career through studying in Japan.

In this live session, ISI counselors showed and explained the facilities at Harajuku School.

The Harajuku School’s classrooms are equipped with IT and large wall-mounted televisions in all classrooms so that students can share images from their PCs and smartphones.
Classroom chairs also have small table boards and swivel wheels, making it easier for teachers to conduct group discussions and more flexible for students to participate in classroom activities.

In addition, each of the Harajuku school’s eight classrooms is labeled with an English word that has the following meaning

Acronym Word / Meaning

In addition, there is a common space of over 150 square meters in the school, which is used for meetings, discussions, and self-study.

The counselor then introduced the ISI group, the Japanese language school, and the Japanese language courses and programs offered by ISI, followed by a live broadcast of the current Japanese language lessons.

If you enroll at Harajuku School now, you will apply with a special price until your graduation. If you are interested in studying or working in Japan, don’t miss this opportunity.

At this live event, we also interviewed Vice President Ohashi and current students.

Mr. Ohashi, the vice principal of the school, agreed to an interview and introduced the features of the Harajuku school.
The Harajuku School is located in Shibuya, a prime area of Tokyo, home to many companies and stores that lead the way in cutting-edge culture and fashion trends. The school opened in April this year and currently has about 60 students enrolled. Of these, about 70% are from Asia, 30% from Europe and the United States, and some students are from Africa.

We also have a full range of Japanese cultural experience activities for students. If you want to learn Japanese language well, please study at Harajuku School.

Mr. Cho, who is studying at Harajuku School, used to study in Australia. He says that the biggest attraction of Harajuku School for him is the international nature of the school, where international students from all over the world gather to experience the diverse culture and warm atmosphere of the campus. Each teacher has a different style, but all of them are very kind to students. I searched for information about Harajuku School on the Internet, and when I came to try out the school, I knew it was right for me. Now that I am attending the school, I still stay after class every day with my classmates and study on my own for about an hour.

After the interview, the staff took pictures of the scenery on the way from the Harajuku school to Shibuya station. Walking through the streets of Harajuku, you can see various trendy stores and fashionable people, making it a great place for young people to visit and eat. Along the way, many students had questions about the study abroad program and the dormitories, and the teachers answered them all in detail.

It is 9-minute walk from the school to the Shibuya station. Finally, the teacher said goodbye to the viewers and finished the 90-minute live broadcast from Harajuku school.

If you missed this live, please follow ISI Japanese language school’s SNS to check the information.