Trip in Shuzenji shizuoka

one of the most beautiful area that I ever seen

Shizuoka is a Japanese prefecture on the Pacific coast of the central island of Honshū. It is dominated by Mount Fuji, the highest peak in Japan, which rises to 3776 m.

Shuzenji 修善寺町 is a small town located in Tagata District, Shizuoka Prefecture, in the center of the Izu Peninsula. From Tokyo it took me 2 hours to get there. I took the shinkansen first and it was a fun experience. The shinkansen is the fastest train in the world. Please enjoy some photos of the shinkansen. The design is a lot of fun.

You will need to change trains at odawara to catch a local train that will take you to Shuzenji. During the transport you will be surrounded by the mountains and it is very relaxing to just be on the train and watch the scenery.

There are many things to do in shuzenji, but also in shizuoka prefecture in general: hiking, going to the beach and discovering local products.

I first stopped at the Izunokuni Panorama Park. Izunokuni Panorama Park is located at the entrance to Izu Peninsula in Izu Nagaoka, an area famous for its hot springs, the site has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage site, making it a great place to visit Izu. Take the cable car and be amazed by the spectacular panoramic views of Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, and Hakone.

Please enjoy some of the beautiful photos that I took; at the top you can take a foot bath for free with a nice view; or just enjoy a coffee while watching Mount Fuji. You also have a short hike to get to the mountain temple. I really enjoyed it like I was in a dream in Japan.
Shizuenji and izu are also well known for the “Mikan”. Mikan is a Japanese variety of orange, very sweet and easy to eat, which has made the region famous. Local producers will be happy to show you their products.

Now let me introduce you to the Shuzenji temple. One of the most beautiful temple in the region.

Shuzenji Temple, a Zen Buddhist temple was founded, according to legend, by Kobo Daishi (Kukai) in 807. The present buildings are about 100 years old. The temple is standing in the center of Shuzenji on a small hill near Tokko-no-yu onsen, the temple is associated with the power struggles and tragic events of the Kamakura Shoganate.

If you want to discover the temple the Odoriko-go train runs directly to Shuzenji from Tokyo Station. Alternatively from Mishima take the Izu-Hakone railway to Shuzenji Station, the terminus.

On that day the flowers and the trees was beautiful and with the sunlight i took those very beautiful photos.
Next to the temple you have a traditional Japanese confectionery store and I got to taste a sesame bean cake. It was really good.
I also deeply recommende you to just walk in the city, they have a very beautiful river that you can walk along and also a bamboo forest and if you are tired you can always stop in one of the small traditional restaurant or having a foot bath.

During this trip i also went for the first time in a private onsen. I booked a hotel in japanese traditional style and i would like to share with you this wonderful experience.
I spend one night in “La foret” shuzen-ji hotel. From shuzenji station you have to take a bus who will bring you to the top of one of the mountain around after 1h of riding.
the hotel was wonderful; the private onsen was on the balcony and had a mountain view; I could go to the bath and have all my privacy because no one could see me. I was also able to enjoy the traditional Japanese house and drink tea, it was one of my most beautiful trips. if you like tennis and golf, the hotel is also famous for it.

I really enjoyed shuzen-ji ,and i want to go back there and i really hope that my pictures will allow you to travel in japan.
Thank you for reading me and i really hope i will be able soon to write about my new adventure.