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Updated our Successful Admissions and Employments Results (updated on February 12, 2021)

We have updated the results of acceptance and job offers on the “Support for Students Applying to Higher Education” and “Job Search Support” pages.
Please check the details below for the results as of February 12, 2021.

Waseda University  Ms.Tang(Takadanobaba Campus)*On the left
I studied in the Top University Preparation Class in order to apply to Japanese universities. The teachers were very knowledgeable about preparing for entrance exams, so I was able to proceed step by step without any worries. If I took classes step by step and practiced, I would be able to enter a university. I think it was good to study together with everyone in the class.

Waseda University  Ms.Wong(Takadanobaba Campus)*On the right
There were many times when I was anxious and confused about my higher education, but after talking with my teachers, I felt reassured. I also found it helpful to have all the materials and past data about the universities I wanted to go to so I could refer to them. It was also helpful to have a full range of information sessions on universities.

Graduate School,The University of Tokyo  Mr.Poon (Takadanobaba Camous)*On the right
I had a lot of mock interviews with my teacher. In the future, I would like to become a researcher involved in the development of supersonic aircraft. The classes at ISI are interesting and the teachers are kind, so I encourage everyone to do their best.

Graduate School,Hokkaido University Mr.Wang (Takadanobaba Campus)】*On the left
The teachers are very kind and guide each student carefully. From application documents to mock interviews, my homeroom teacher pointed out and corrected my mistakes many times. I hope you will experience the fun and effectiveness of studying Japanese at ISI.