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“ISI Video Contest 2020” Final selection of entries!

ISI Japanese Language School held “ISI Video Contest 2020” to support students who are willing to study Japanese hard to achieve their dreams and goals. Thank you very much for all the entries from all over the world! After screening of video entries, we are pleased to announce the six finalists.

After a final judging, the winning entries (Grand Prize, Excellence Prize and ISI Special Prize) will be announced in January. The winners will receive scholarships from ISI Japanese Language School.

< Finalists>

Final Judging Announcement:January 22nd Friday, 2021

★Final screening by the judges to determine the winning works (Grand Prize, Excellence Award and
ISI Special Award)
1. Is the video in line with the theme?
2. From the standpoint of others, does the video have a story that is easy to understand what you want to express and is impressive?
3. Does the video express creatively by devising and conceiving your own expression method?
4. Reasons why you chose ISI?

※Note: we cannot answer inquiries regarding our screening process and reasons for judging each work.

Contest’s Outline

Theme 「My Dream in ISI Kyoto / Nagano」
Eligible applicants Those who are considering studying in Japan or who are interested in Japan
Scholarship Grand Prize:200,000 JPY
Excellence Award:100,000 JPY
ISI Special Award:50,000 JPY
※Exemption from long-term course tuition at ISI Kyoto campus or Nagano campus.