Trip in Kawagoe “the small edo”

Today let me introduce the small traditional city called “Kawagoe” In saitama prefecture. If you live in tokyo area this one day excursion is perfect to discover part of the saitama traditional town.

Located one hour away from the center of tokyo this city is well served. Once you arrived to kawagoe station do not forget to ask to the office station for the tourist map area. You will find in it the rout map and all the good spots to visits as well as all the good restaurants and famous food from the city.

Now that you just arrived lets start by discovering one of the traditional sweet of kawagoe : the sweet potato cream puff. You wil easily find a lot of shops who serve this sweet all along the trip.

When you arrive to the main street “Kurazukuri no machinami” you feel like you came back in the past. You are then surronded by a small traditional old building and i felt like in Kyoto. This feeling is increasing while a lot of japanese are wearing kimono.

Unfortunately for me on that day it was very crowdy. I went during a national day the “Kinro kansha no hi”, ” the day of the worker” who celebrate the hard labor”.
also they were a lot of cars and this new technology do not matched with the environment.
I didn’t know but if this city has kept the charm of the old past its because it been one of city who during the second world war hasn’t been bombarded.

The famous part of the city its it big clock “toki no kane” the time clock. i was happy cause i could heard the clock ringing.

How greedy i am i went to the sweet street “Kashiya-yokocho” also famous in Kawagoe. This street is a concentration and aregroupment of sweets shops . I couldnt resist and like all the kids who where in the street i had to buy me a sweet.

Kawagoe is also famous for it temples and i would like to introduce to you two of the main temples.

The Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine is said to be approximately 1500 years old and is where five deities are enshrined: Susanoo no Mikoto, Kushinadahime no Mikoto, Ashinazuchi no Mikoto, Tenazuchi no Mikoto, and Oonamuchi no Mikoto.
At Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, the ema (wooden prayer plates) are dedicated to the shrine in a tunnel shape. The way the light shines through the ema creates a beautiful sight Here some photos of the shrine that i took, please enjoy.

Let’s try reading an omikuji (luck diving paper). There are the standard omikuji, but the ones that are the most popular are the ‘ichinen antai mikuji’ (one year of safety lottery) and the “ai tai mikuji” (encounter lottery) for 300 yen each. The ’tai’ in the lottery names and the ’tai’ for red snapper are a Japanese pun on the word for good luck. After you take the omikuji paper out of the red snapper, you can keep it as a charm!

Kawagoe’s Kitain (喜多院) is the head temple of the Tendai Sect in the Kanto Region. Among its halls are the only remaining palace buildings of the former Edo Castle. Here some photos.

I really enjoyed kawagoe, and if you like traditional city you will appreciate a one day trip in there.
Thank you for reading me and i really hope i will be able soon to write about my new adventure.