Takadanobaba restaurant

Do you know the nationality ratio of ISI international students?
44% of students from China, 15% from South Korea, 11% from Europe and America, 9% from Taiwan, 7% from Vietnam, 4% from Sri Lanka, 9% from other Asia, and 1% from Africa and Latin America! Although half of the students are from China, there is a large number of international students in the pre-intermediate classes. One of the attractions of ISI is that there are many students from all over the world, including Asian students!

ISI has such multinational students, but among ISI campuses, Takadanobaba, where the ISI Language School is located, is famous as a student town where there are many restaurants from various countries.
So today I would like to introduce you to these multinational restaurants in Takadanobaba!

“One minute walk from the main building of ISI Takadanobaba, there is a famous tonkatsu restaurant called “”Tonkatsu Hinata””, which was introduced on TV. There is even a line at lunchtime!
In the evening, they can compare different parts of the food. Highly recommended!”

Next is Chinese restaurant called ‘TON KOH’. This is my personal favorite shop. Lol There are many kinds of dishes, and above all, they are delicious. .. .. Takeout is available, so it might be fun to conquest the menu little by little.

For Korean food, “Manito”! It is near the main building of Takadanobaba School, and ISI students often go there. It is also very attractive because lunch and all-you-can-eat are cheap! Of course, yakiniku is delicious, but the bulgogi bibimbap is excellent! Please try it together with Changja (Spicy cod innards) and Chijimi (Korean pancake). Don’t forget corn tea.

Here, we will introduce some of the variations. This is Russian food! “Chaika” Here, the Myanmar food “Baba Myanmar Noodle”, Pho is delicious.

Takadanobaba is a lively town with many Japanese restaurants such as pork cutlet, tempura, and sushi, as well as dishes from various countries. When you come to Takadanobaba, please visit your favorite restaurant!