Food guide in Japan (Part 1)

I decided to write a blog for people that are struggling to find Halal/Kosher food such as myself, or those who are vegan/vegetarians in Japan and have a similar issue, this is one of the main concerns for people with a strict diet, they find it troubling when planning a visit to Japan.
I’m hoping that this guide will be useful and put your mind at ease.


In Japan, especially Tokyo there are a decent amount of halal restaurants and shops scattered around Tokyo.
Granted a good majority of these are Turkish, South Asian or other non Japanese restaurants, but there are still few Japanese restaurants that serve Halal food.
I should note that some of these places might cost a bit more than regular places in Japan, also you may have to wait for a long period to get in.

Brasserie Djerba:

While it’s not a Japanese restaurant, it is a good place that is worth recommending.
This one is not as central nor is it located in a popular touristy area like some of the other’s mentioned in this list.
It’s a Tunisian restaurant located in Itabashi-Ku.
The food is good, decent portions and cheaper than other Arabic/Middle Eastern restaurants I’ve been to in Tokyo.
The chef is from Tunisia and she runs the restaurant with her family serving authentic Tunisian cuisine.
It’s less busy than most of other places making it feel more relaxing, plus staff are nice and very sociable.
Despite serving Vegetarian dishes, it may not be suitable since the gravy or sauce use normally uses meat stock (make sure to ask first if you do go).

Tokyo Chinese Muslim Restaurant:

As the title will suggest it’s a Chinese restaurants and one of the few halal Chinese restaurants in Japan, located near Sumida with the closest station is Kinshicho station.
This restaurant is significantly bigger than the previously mentioned shops and it is actually better to go as a group rather than alone or with a small party.
The food is among the best in Japan, but the price is a bit expensive for the portions served and compared to other Chinese restaurants, which is why I suggest that you go with a group and order multiple dishes to share.
This way you will be satisfied with the amount and can split the cost.
This restaurant also does serve a decent amount of dishes that are suitable for Vegan/Vegetarians.

Lanzhou Ramen:

This Ramen shop specializes in a Ramen dish that is very traditional in China, the only halal store of this chain (they might open more branches n the future) is located in Jimbocho.
The specialize in Beef Ramen, and you can see them making everything from scratch in the shop (the noodle, soup, etc).
The price is about the same as a regular Ramen with extra toppings available for a decent charge, but the fact that it is Halal and portion is decent I would say it is justified.
As I mentioned they only make beef Ramen so there is really no options to choose from other than asking for extra toppings (meat, coriander) or removing ingredients (chili oil, etc).
The restaurant is rather famous so be prepared to wait for a long period if you visit during lunch/dinner time.
Here is a link to the website

Of course sometimes trying to locate these restaurants during a short holidays can be rather challenging and you end up going to places that are more familiar such as fast food chains, or any nearby Halal restaurant that show up on Google search, Which is understandable.
Some of these do offer halal food as well (Turkish/South and South-East Asian restaurants).
As for fast food chains, You could ask for veggie or seafood options.
I would still recommend checking that they don’t use any meat ingredients in the sauce just to be on the safe side.