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We held an ISI International Friendship Party (IFP) that connects the world with Ghibli

The ISI Group regularly holds the “ISI International Friendship Party”, an international experience exchange event for both international students enrolled in ISI Japanese Language School and Japanese students enrolled in ISI Group schools. This is an event where ISI group students can interact freely and talk about various topics.

The 8th “ISI International Friendship Party (IFP)” was held on November 1, 2020 (Sunday)!

At this IFP, many students from all over the world have participated and have provided many encounters as well as international exchange experiences.
This time it was held online due to the corona virus, even though there are time differences but everybody were able to participate from overseas and have a global atmosphere. Participants from so many countries gathered, and it became an exchange event that deserves the name of “global” from Asia to the United States and Europe!

This time, the theme of the event was “Ghibli”, so not only international students studying Japanese but also students who like Japanese anime and manga gathered from all over the world.

The main project is “Ghibli Pilgrimage”

We introduced places related to Ghibli and let overseas students who could not come to Japan enjoy a virtual trip.

Location scenery 1: Shitamachi Nakadori of "Edo Tokyo Open Air Park" which is a model of "Spirited Away".

Some participants knew little about Ghibli, but after participated in this event, they said “I definitely want to visit these places when I go to Japan!”

“OMOTENASHI Plan” by student management staff.

In the “OMOTENASHI Plan”, Japanese students create presentation materials from scratch and provide international students with “OMOTENASHI (hospitality)” content from the perspective of a student. This time, various genres were introduced, such as study abroad experience, how high school students spend time after school, and introduction of Anime (Otakatsu).

ISI International Friendship Party "OMOTENASHI Plan" Program

Left: Introducing Japanese Anime (Kimetsu no Yaiba) with a current student who is also an “otaku”
Upper right: Introducing the experience of studying abroad in Canada
Bottom right: Introducing how Japanese high school student spend time after school

Most of the Japanese students who gave a presentation this time are students who participated in the previous event. Through interaction with international students, I realized this from the desire to join as a staff member. The students who joined us as staff also seemed to feel their own learning and growth, saying, “It was a good opportunity to communicate to people overseas as a Japanese!”

International exchange in English and Japanese!

It was divided into two rooms, one for interacting in Japanese and the other for interacting in English, and it became a new meeting place for international students and Japanese students. Many of the Japanese participants this time did not have much conversation with foreigners in English, and at first they seemed a little uneasy. However, as the conversation went on, everybody got to know the international students, and by the end of the event, everybody was full of smiles. In fact, Japanese students have commented that “I found a hobby shared with foreigners and was able to talk much more easily than I had expected.”

I think everybody could realize that “Global is not far away, but much closer to you.”

Student-centered event management

This time, the event was run mainly by students.

In the main project “Ghibli Pilgrimage”, the leader of the Japanese management staff, Mr. Morioka, and the international student, Mr. Sujeong, went to take video of a place related to Ghibli in Tokyo and introduced it to international students overseas. The photographers also accompanied us, and they both seemed to “feel like entertainers appearing on TV programs.” ^^
During the shooting, I touched a lot of “Ghibli spots” and was surprised at how many things to see in Tokyo alone.

↑ Location scenery 2: At "Ghibli Shop" in Tokyo

Thank you very much for participating in IFP! This IFP will continue to be held on a regular basis. We would like to make it an event where you can feel the global world on a larger scale.

We are looking forward to seeing you again.