Different Flavours in Japan

Once of the things that I knew about Japan prior to even visiting the country or deciding to move here was about the massively wide range of flavours of Japanese snacks, sweets and drinks. Kitkat alone have had over 200 different flavours, ranging from flavours of fruits and berries (Melon, strawberry, banana, etc), different types of desserts from many regions (creme brulee, cheesecake,etc) and different types of tea, coffee or other beverages.

I had the chance to try a few different kitkat flavours such as: English tea, Melon and cream, grape flavour, sweet potatoes, banana chocolate, Hokkaido Butter and pistachio & lemon among others. Some of these were surprisingly good and did not taste weird as I had suspected, others did not taste anything like the flavour mentioned on the package.

I had other snacks and drinks that had a new flavour for me, such as : melon soda, white peach frappuccino, strawberry cheesecake smoothy, corn potage crisps, lobster flavoured crisps,etc.

There are of course many other but, should I choose to list them all, I will need 10 blogs or more to cover them and even then it will be briefly. ^^
Another thing is, it is impossible to try them all since there are a huge variety of flavours and they change depending on the season. for example Autumn time it becomes common to see products withe roasted chestnut flavour, sweet potatoes, and while summer will feature something that is refreshing to cope with the heat.

Also every now and then there will be a special promotion or a one time only type of product that will feature a flavour which will be very difficult to get a sample of. For example, during Christmas Pepsi released what they called Christmas flavour which I never managed to see it in person. I did see people share photos of the product online and my friend managed to get one but I wasn’t lucky enough to get it. Another one was a golden Kitkat, which was very rare since they made a limited number shipped across all of Japan. I should note that having limited time products is a common thing in Japan, not only for snacks and drinks but other goods too.

Here are some photos of different flavours I had since I moved to Japan.

Milk and chocolate flavoured cake roll.

Sweet red beans and soy flavoured Ice-cream

Black honey and soy flavoured Ice-cream

Strawberry frappuccino.

Cake with sweet redbeans, cream and raisins.

Three flavoured chocolate bar (pumpkin, sweet potato and roasted chestnut)

Strawberry chocolate (left) & Melon and cream chocolate (right)

Chocolate Mochi (rice cake)

This is like flavoured water, and as you can see the flavour is coffee.

Japanese tea and Orange flavoured soda.

Golden Kiwi chocolate bar.

4 different types of rice cake (black sesame, red beans, chocolate and green tea.)

I would say this is closer to 7UP then Cola flavour wise, but it’s is considered cola still.

GODIVA Chocolate & citrus flavoured chocolate drink

Japanese tea flavoured chocolate bar.

Mizugashi (Japanese jelly)

White peach cheesecake flavoured Ice-cream

White peach frappuccino

With this I conclude my blog.
If I have any other unusual flavors or products, I will let you know. ^^