Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland is a theme park in nearby rural Yamanashi Prefecture, very close to Mt Fuji and Fuji Five Lakes.

“Fans come from all over the world, not only in Japan, for thrills and fun.
It is one of the largest amusement park in Japan, with many world-class screaming attractions and character theme parks.”
Moreover, admission became free in July 2018, and there are more ways to enjoy it. (If you want to enjoy the attractions, you need a paid ticket or a free pass)
It’s hard to miss the park because there’s a huge roller coaster and Mt Fuji right in front of it.
”Mt Fuji looks beautiful from the top of the roller coaster,” said our bus guide helpfully as we rolled into the car park.

One of the famous attractions in the park is called “FUJIYAMA”.
At the time of its opening as a large coaster, “FUJIYAMA” became the world’s number one in four items: height, hoisting height, head, and maximum speed, and was also certified by Guinness World Records . It is said to be “the world’s best coaster without somersaults”
“The maximum speed is 130km/h, the maximum head is 70m, and when converted to height, it feels like a sudden descent from a building over 20 floors.
That fear is appealing to coaster lovers.”
Amazingly, when we entered Fuji-Q Highland, there weren’t many people there.
Queues to the rides were relatively short, and everything felt calm and peaceful for a theme park.
Though I hear this isn’t normal for Fuji-Q Highland! I suspect we got very lucky.

The autumn leaves were also turning around the park! Very pretty!

And if you’re like me and can’t get on any of the big coasters, you can use your tickets to ride the VR versions! Like the real thing, but without… actually riding the real thing.

I also ate a huge plate of yakisoba for lunch, but I forgot to take a picture, so you’ll have to imagine it. ^^