Sights Along the Seibu Line – Chichibu

Have you seen the yellow trains around Takadanobaba and Ikebukuro?

They belong to Seibu, a Japanese company that owns everything from a department store to a baseball team and everything else in between. A good chunk of Western Tokyo and Saitama relies on Seibu Railways to get to work every morning, and it can get pretty packed! But if you travel outside of peak times, you can see a quieter, more suburban side of Tokyo outside the train window.

If you go as far as Saitama, things get greener and greener until you find yourself out in the countryside! Those yearning for a slower pace of life can find it just over one hour away from Tokyo.

Here’s some of the interesting things you can see on the Seibu Lines.


Chichibu is a small city in rural Saitama, famous for its shrines and hiking opportunities.
Every December it holds a famous night festival, full of amazing floats that rival Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri Festival.
It’s also the setting for a few well known anime series like AnoHana (The Flower We Saw That Day), so fans can walk around and recall their favourite scenes.

Chichibu is an easy day trip from Tokyo.
You can get there via the Red Arrow Limited Express from Seibu’s Ikebukuro Station.
While you do have to pay a bit extra (1480 yen one-way), the trip only takes about 80 minutes, you get a nice forward facing seat, and a big window to look at the passing scenery.
Those of you on a budget can easily ride Seibu’s regular trains all the way to Chichibu, making a transfer at Hanno Station or Tokorozawa.
It only takes 20 minutes longer if you ride the express trains and all for 780 yen one-way.
More articles on the Seibu Line later!