What day is October 10th for?

It’s the anniversary date dedicate to get the right knowledge and take good care of your eyes.

In the Showa era, there were many people who suffered from an eye disease called “Trachoma (infectious chronic conjunctivitis – Chronic pink eye)”.
It is a scary illness that causes blindness when it gets worse. For this reason, the date of October 10th was designated as “Sight Protection Day” in 1931 by the proposal of the Central Blind Welfare Association as a campaign to prevent blindness.
The reason this day was chosen is that when you lay the number “10” on its side, you can see it looks like an eyebrow and an eye.
After the war, the name was changed to “Eye Protection Day“, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Japan Ophthalmologists Association sponsored an event to take good care of the eyes. On this day, events will be held all over the country to convey knowledge about eye diseases and the knowledge of valuing the eyes on a daily basis.The eye is a disease-prone organ.Especially in modern society, the spread of personal computers and smartphones is increasing the burden on the eyes. If possible, be aware that you should take a rest from time to time.

Appreciating the autumn leaves is called “autumn leaves hunting”.Since ancient times, Japanese people have enjoyed cherry blossom viewing in full bloom in spring.As autumn deepened, I enjoyed hunting for autumn leaves.
Many trees turn red in autumn, but the maple family, especially Japanese maple have been popular because they are dyed in bright colors.Japanese maple is also planted in front of the school. The color of the maple changes every day, so please take a look.
There are many famous spots for autumn leaves in Japan, be sure to check it out!